Valentine's Day City Guides & Top 20 List

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Are you fresh out of ideas and searching for one that will knock their socks off? Valentines Day dates (and the partner gifts) need to be a few things: valuable (emotionally, not financially), thoughtful (but not over the top) and attentive (but not too doting). Don’t fret; it’s not as hard as it sounds to be inventive and imaginative! You don’t want to show up empty-handed or “empty-headed” when the big February 14th rolls around, so you’d better get plannin’! Valentine’s Day is closer than you think so read on for some serious romance training.

You want to express your love and appreciation, so remember: it’s not the price of the gift or date or dinner that’s important; it’s the forethought – it’s what you put into the planning and execution of the big night that counts. And though it sounds like the “old stand-by,” it is true – it really is the thought that counts here. You need to do something they love, perhaps something that’s close to their heart, hobbies or personal passions.

Romantic Valentines ideas are not that hard to come by whether they’re for your family or your love or your best friend; just use your imagination… (Or just keep reading). Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas, date ideas, romantic restaurant picks, family outings, or something else to make your sweetheart swoon, you’ll find it here. From Honolulu to Houston, you can rest assured there is something romantic, fun and/or interesting to do this February 14th.

1. Valentine’s Day in Atlanta

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Hot-lanta with the one you love. There are plenty of romantic things to do for the holiday, whether you’re planning on dining out at a restaurant, seeing a movie, attending a concert or other event, finding a low-cost activity, or splurging on a travel getaway. Get imaginative gift ideas for all different price points, including low-cost and higher tier, and read about inventive date ideas for Valentine’s Day that will make anyone swoon! Read on for fun and resourceful Valentines Day ideas in Atlanta, Georgia.

2. Valentine’s Day in Austin

Valentines Day in Austin will never be better! There are a million and one things to do and see in Austin for a perfect Valentines Day date. From the movies and live theatre to exploratory outings, our guide on Valentine’s Day in Austin has it all! Choose from things to do like special events, activities, ideas, great dates, Austin Valentine’s Day restaurants, romantic dinners, Austin Valentine’s Day flowers & delivery, hotel packages for couples, spa specials, and much more! From Town Lake to Waterloo Park, read on for plenty of ideas and romantic dates for Valentines Day in Austin, Texas.

Valentine's Day City Guides & Top 20 List

3. Valentine’s Day in Chicago

It’s easy to ring in Valentines Day in style when you’re in Chicago. Whether you live there or are taking a weekend jaunt, there are activities aplenty to keep you and your lover busy. From special events like concerts, parties and ice-skating, to romantic restaurants and spa and hotel packages for two on the Magnificent Mile, you’ll find the most creative Valentines ideas in Chicago right here in this guide. You’ll also get ideas for different price points, whether super-luxurious or low-cost. For the best Valentines Day date ideas in Chicago, keep reading!

4. Valentine’s Day in Dallas

D-town is a romantic city with lots to do in an ordinary month, but in February, there are even more creative ways to woo your sweetheart. From wine tours and the best dinners to a Murder Mystery and the best romantic restaurants, there’s plenty to do (and see!) in Dallas for the ultimate Valentines Day date. Don’t forget the flowers either – Dallas Valentines Day flowers are as necessary as the date itself! For more special plans, keep reading and get inventive Valentines Day ideas for the Dallas area!

5. Valentine’s Day in Denver

Denver is one of the most beautiful cities in the country; with a splendid Rocky Mountain backdrop, a snowy (but sunny) February landscape, and freshwater surrounding it, if you’re remiss for something to do for Valentines Day here, then you’ve come to the right place! From skiing and snowboarding trips and romantic bed and breakfasts in the foothills to ice-skating in the park or Estes Park tours, there are romantic ideas aplenty in the Mile High City. For more inventive ideas for romancing your sweetheart, read about Denver Valentines Day ideas here.

6. Valentine’s Day in Detroit

The Motown city has plenty to offer for Valentines Day sweethearts; from concerts and plays to great gambling fun at the MGM to luxurious and relaxing spa and hotel packages, you’re in the right city if you’re looking for great things to do. Your sweetheart will swoon over the special Valentine’s Day flower and date idea you’ve put together in Detroit. Knock their socks off with a well-organized date and Valentine’s gift that you put your heart into! For more special Valentines Day ideas in Detroit, keep reading.

Valentine's Day City Guides & Top 20 List

7. Valentine’s Day in Honolulu

Get ready to hula in the capital city of Hawaii with the one you love the most! Let your date day Aloha to the famous Waikiki Beach and its hotel spas, or greet the nighttime with a dip in the ocean, take forays into town or throw down a beach picnic; regardless, Honolulu is one of the most romantic places to be on February 14th. The beach and sunshine alone are great scene-setters for your ideal date day, night or weekend; so set up a special dinner, go to a deluxe hotel spa and get a couples’ massage, take a volcano bike tour or find the best restaurant for a romantic dinner! For more details on these great ideas for Valentines Day in Honolulu, keep reading!

8. Valentine’s Day in Houston

It’s not hard to put together a great plan for a night out if you’re in Houston for Valentines Day this year. From romantic restaurants to meaningful gifts and cards, you can easily get inventive in the largest city in Texas. There’s a massive amount of great restaurants and tons of both indoor and outdoor activities for you and your love. Whether you’re in the central business district or outside the loop in a residential area, the Houston Theater District, at Bayou Place or looking for shows at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, you’re in luck. Keep reading for specific details and planning information for a Valentines Day jaunt in downtown Houston.

9. Valentine’s Day in Jacksonville (Florida)

From famous hotels to a notable restaurant and renowned Gulf beaches, if you’re in Jacksonville for Valentines Day this year then you don’t have to go very far for a super romantic date. The truckling St. Johns River runs adjacent to the city and makes an ideal spot for a ferry dinner, beach picnic or other water-fueled events like jet-skiing or boating. Why not rent the equipment and take a trip for two down river? For more imaginative ideas for a special Jacksonville Valentines Day or weekend, keep reading this guide; you’ll get some fantastic ideas that will knock his/her socks off!

10. Valentine’s Day in Las Vegas

The City of Lights never sleeps, and neither should you if you’re celebrating Valentines Day there with your special sweetie. Take a helicopter tour of the famous Strip, book a couples massage and facial at the luxurious Luxor after you have a unique dinner, set up a desert picnic of wine and cheese, or ride the rides at the New York New York! No matter where you go in Vegas, up the romance game a bit by adding two dozen of your lover’s favorite flowers, and don’t forget the sweet greeting card! For more cool ideas for Valentines Day in Vegas, keep reading this guide!

11. Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles

Every year, you spend hours racking your brain trying to come up with ideas on how you can make February 14th special for your loved one… We’re here to show you how. Start with a romantic hotel package for two – even if you live in or outside of L.A. Then add a romantic dinner with Valentine’s Day roses and chocolate in toe. Finish it off with pizzazz. Not sure how to do that? Well, keep reading because we’ve put together some awesome comprehensive ideas on what you can do to make the weekend one to remember. Get more amazing Los Angeles Valentines Day ideas here.

12. Valentine’s Day in Miami

From South Beach to South Miami, you’re in luck if you’re here in Florida for Valentine’s Day. There are literally 100 activities to choose from; beach-biking during the day and a hot club at night; soaking in the sand and sun on Saturday and taking a spa vacay on Sunday. No matter where you are in this hot spot, you’re in for a great treat on February 14th – just don’t forget the Valentines Day flower delivery- they won’t expect that if you’re out and about away from home! For great ideas and a complete Valentines itinerary, keep reading about Miami Valentines Day ideas!

13. Valentine’s Day in New York

The Big Apple has so much to offer for an unbelievable Valentines Day celebration. From famous restaurants to Broadway shows, from shopping on Fifth Avenue to taking a ferry tour, take in all the famous sights in New York on your special Valentines Day date. There are many unique ideas to choose from so you’ll have to plan in advance (especially if you’re setting up dinner at a prominent restaurant). For a complete guide to Valentines Day in New York City, keep reading.

14. Valentine’s Day in Phoenix

Phoenix is a hot spot for entertainment and amusement, history and culture and outdoor sports and nature. It should be relatively easy to find something special to do this February 14th, but just in case, we’ve put together a complete plan for you to ensure you have the most unique and memorable Valentines Day date ever! From Papago Park to South Phoenix, and from scenic Hummer tours and the Desert Botanical Garden to a hot-air balloon ride to a hike up Camelback Mountain, Phoenix has you totally covered for inventive and romantic dates. For a complete list of Valentines Day ideas and dates in Phoenix, Az, keep reading!

15. Valentine’s Day in Portland

The City of Roses is the perfect place for a romantic Valentines Day outing or date. From Lake Oswego to Murrayhill, you’ll have the most ideal setting for a daytime foray, an evening extravaganza or a weekend jaunt. Take a picnic basket over to the Japanese Gardens, reserve a dinner at one of many famous ritzy restaurants, take a pedal tour of the city and its adjoining rivers, or take an eco-tour and see sights including the Columbia River Gorge and Mount Hood. For a comprehensive guide to a romantic Valentines Day in Portland, read more.

16. Valentine’s Day in San Antonio

If you’re in Alamo City for Valentines Day this year, then you’ve got plenty of choices for a romantic rendezvous with your sweetheart. From the many nature areas and parks to the lively downtown atmosphere there’s much to do and see here for a formal Valentines fete. From restaurants and clubs to movies and concerts, to the Riverwalk and Mission trails, your options are endless. For more information and total package ideas for Valentines Day in San Antonio, keep reading!

17. Valentine’s Day in San Diego

From Del Mar to Downtown, from La Jolla to Torrey Pines, your chances of hitting a homerun in the romance game is high here. Take a wine and cheese basket to Mission Beach or set up a towel with some champagne and strawberries for an evening on Pacific Beach. No matter where you are in the city, there’s an opportunity for you to entice your darling, to shower them with love. There are a ton of famous romantic restaurants, beachside bed and breakfasts, and spas with couples packages for you to choose from. So go ahead and get in the mood! For a complete list of dreamy dates and weekend ideas, read more about Valentines Day in San Diego.

18. Valentine’s Day in San Francisco

From Chinatown to Fisherman’s Wharf, the Golden Gate City has much to offer in the romance department this February 14th. Whether you live there, are on a vacation, or took a quick weekend jaunt with your beloved, there’s plenty to do in order to woo! Take a hot-air balloon ride for a very reasonable price, hop on the trolley car and take a city tour up and down the hills, or reserve your spot in the Valentines Day hall of fame with a knockout idea for Valentines Day. To get details on that fantastic foray, you’ll have to keep reading about San Francisco Valentines Day ideas!

19. Valentine’s Day in San Jose

From Blossom Valley to San Jose West to North San Jose, you’ll need to be inventive this Valentines Day. From low-cost excursions to luxurious hotel packages you’re bound to find the ideal date idea to make your beloved bashful! With hundreds of festivals, clubs, museums, parks, restaurants and hotels, you can easily plan a day or two-days-long getaway, whether you live there or are on a quick holiday jaunt. For a creative date idea that will throw them into your arms, keep reading about Valentines Day in San Jose!

Valentine's Day City Guides & Top 20 List

20. Valentine’s Day in Seattle

From the Space Needle to the original Starbucks to the legendary Bill Gates’ home, the attractions in the Emerald City are not short-sighted! With so much to do, there’s no way you’ll come up short this February 14th! Take them to the tippy-top of the world at the Space Needle Observation Deck, and then present them with a creative gift and a kiss! Or try taking a stroll through the famous Pike Place Market before you dine in style there. There’s plenty more options for a romantic day, night or entire weekend. For a comprehensive list of ideas for a day, night or weekend, read more about Valentines Day in Seattle.

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