Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Your Girlfriend

Whether it’s a new or long-term relationship, finding the right Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend each year can be daunting. It can be tricky to strike the right balance between showing her how much you care while also being something fun she can enjoy for her special day. Do you go with jewelry or household items that will remind her how much you care every time she sees them? Something you can enjoy together on February 14, like food or sweets? Something more practical or functional?

Whatever kinds of gifts your girlfriend enjoys most, we have some suggestions below that are guaranteed to make her face light up on Valentine’s Day.

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What Should You Buy Your Girlfriend for Valentine’s Day? 

There’s a reason chocolates and roses remain classic, traditional Valentine’s Day gifts for a girlfriend or significant other, but what if you want to surprise them with something a bit more unique this year?

Here’s a trick: find something for now and something for later. Try pairing a more traditional display of love and affection with gifts she can appreciate for days or years to come. Things like flowers, chocolates, and a romantic candlelit scene at home will make Valentine’s Day feel special, creating an occasion to remember every time she looks back on her other gifts.

Some unique Valentine’s gift ideas for your girlfriend include:

  • Photo or memory collage

  • Luxury robe, slippers, or pajamas

  • Essential oil diffuser

  • Plush weighted blanket

  • Card deck or tickets with fun date night ideas

  • Custom map of your favorite spots together

  • Makeup or beauty box subscription

Highlight Stunning Jewelry With a Bouquet of Love Flowers 

As a traditional showing of love and affection, a bright, bursting arrangement of red and white Valentine’s Day flowers speak for themselves. If you’re looking for the perfect thing to compliment a gift of jewelry for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with some of her favorite flowers. For an extra special surprise, try nesting a small ring box into the center of a bouquet or artfully arranging a necklace, bracelet, or earrings with a note at the base of an elegant centerpiece.

Some of the most popular flowers to get your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day include:

  • Roses: A dozen red roses is the traditional “I love you” bouquet, with the color red representing love and passion, and the number of flowers standing for all twelve months of the year.

  • Tulips: The elegant, minimal look of tulip blooms makes for a stunning alternative to traditional roses, especially when paired with full, lighter colored white or pink flowers.

  • Carnations: While often a symbol of platonic love and friendship, the lush ruffled blooms of carnations can make a bouquet of Valentine’s flowers really stand out, especially when used to accent roses or tulips.

  • Lilies or orchids: Few flowers capture a sense of one-of-a-kind beauty like orchids or lilies. If you’re looking for Valentine’s flowers for your girlfriend that will take her breath away, you can’t go wrong with a single unique orchid in a slim vase.

Valentine’s Gifts for Rest and Relaxation 

If your girlfriend has a hectic work or school schedule, she may appreciate gifts that can help give her an opportunity to relax and refresh. Try pairing some fragrant flowers with the following relaxing Valentine’s gifts for her:

  • Bath Bombs: The relaxing aromas, soft-skin conditioning oils, and pleasant fizzing of bath bombs can take a nice quiet bath to the next level. She’ll love unwinding after a busy week with a bath bomb, some wine, and some relaxing music or candlelight. A plush, microfiber robe will give her something comfy to relax and cuddle up on the couch in afterward. (You can even get some bath bombs with CBD for an extra relaxing touch.)

  • Lotions and Essential Oils: Valentine’s Day comes at a part of the year when most of us still have at least a month or two of winter left. Scented lotions and essential oils will help her keep her skin smooth and hydrated until spring finally rolls around. Essential oil diffusers are also a great Valentine’s gift for a girlfriend who likes to keep her home smelling fresh and cozy.

  • Wool-Lined Slippers or Socks: This can be a fun and inexpensive gift that she soon won’t be able to do without. Thick and comfortable slippers or wool-lined socks make relaxing on the couch or doing basic household tasks so much more appealing.

  • Spa Gift Baskets: Can’t choose just one thing from the list above? Get her a selection of assorted rest and relaxation items so she can pamper herself on her next day in. She’ll love trying out a selection of scented candles, lotions, body butter, and other items during her own personal spa day.

Create a Romantic Night to Remember With Flowers and Chocolates 

Traditional gifts like jewelry and self-care items can make for great Valentine’s Day presents, but sometimes the best gift of all is something she can’t get from a store. Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember by surprising her with a romantic candlelit dinner with flowers and chocolate strawberries.

You don’t have to do a lot to prepare for a memorable evening at home. Just try to organize the following things:

  • Flowers: Whether you opt for the traditional dozen red roses or go with a unique alternative, a display of stunning flowers in the middle of a tablecloth-lined table is sure to take her breath away. (Working with a small space? Try a single deep-red rose in a slim glass vase.)

  • Mood Lighting: Dimming the lights or setting up a few flickering candles can go a long way to transforming your house or apartment into the perfect setting for a romantic night together.

  • Music: Much like some well-placed candles, some of her favorite music played at a low volume will add a personal touch to the evening.

  • Her Favorite Foods: Make dinner from scratch or arrange to have takeout or delivery from one of her favorite spots.

  • Chocolate Strawberries for Dessert: Decadent Godiva chocolate-covered strawberries are the perfect way to end a romantic dinner for two at home.

Sweet Treats Add a Fun Surprise to Valentine’s Gifts for Her 

Looking to add that final extra touch to your Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend? Try surprising her with a gift basket of sweets and/or savory treats to enjoy while you celebrate. Valentine’s Day food gifts are a great way to extend the warmth and appreciation she’ll feel on February 14 by giving her something to snack on and enjoy throughout the week. In addition to chocolate-covered strawberries, nuts, and pretzels, you can find all sorts of other delectable treats in gift baskets. Try a combination of some sweets with savory meats and cheeses!

What Are the Best Valentine’s Gifts for a New Girlfriend? 

When you’ve only been together for a short time, it can be especially hard to figure out what Valentine’s Day gifts to get your girlfriend. Chocolates and flowers are always appreciated, but if you’re not ready to shower her with a dozen red roses just yet, try a bouquet of pink carnations. Their fun and lively patterns still communicate admiration and affection, but without the same connotations of deep passion and romance like roses. (Pink Valentine’s flowers are also a great gift for someone who’s becoming more than just a friend, but before things have become “official.”)

Succulents and low-maintenance plants can also be a refreshing way to remind someone you care. Plus, these long-lasting plants will keep you in their thoughts every time they go to water them!