Yes, orchids can be an intimidating plant. We get questions all the time from individuals who received an orchid as a gift, and have no idea how to keep it alive. Many also often think their orchids have died just because they are not flowering, and this is usually not the case—so don’t throw your orchid away just yet!

One common mistake that orchid-owners make is over watering, which causes root rot. It is almost like a natural instinct to just continually water a plant if it doesn’t appear to be thriving. Well, put down the watering can!

Here is an incredibly useful orchid care tip that came directly from our plant experts here at ProPlants: water your orchid with ice cubes, made with a water and plant-food solution. Take a look at this video demonstrating how easy this process is:

Things you will need: ice cube tray, tape, permanent marker, pitcher or recycled jug, organic orchid food, water, freezer.

A quick and easy orchid care tip.

  • Fill your jug to the top with tap water
  • Add a tablespoon of orchid food to the water and replace the cap (the food to water ratio may vary depending on the food type you get—just read the instructions to be sure)
  • Shake the solution until it is well mixed
  • Using your permanent marker, write “orchid food” on two pieces of tape. Adhere one to the jug and one to your ice-cube tray. This step is very important, as plant food is toxic if ingested.
  • Pour the mixture into your ice-cube tray, filling each compartment to the top, so the ice cubes are large
  • Set the tray in the freezer
  • Once the cubes are frozen, place one cube on top of the soil of your orchid

This process only needs to be done once a week. The cube will melt and distribute just the right amount of water and nutrients to promote healthy growth.

Orchids are one of the most beautiful exotic plants that exist, and add an elegant, lively look to any space in the home or office. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of owning such a graceful and charming plant because you are afraid you’ll kill it. Try this useful tip, and check back in for more orchid care tips!