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May 8, 2015

Top 10 Gifts for a Total Taurus

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Generous, loyal and ever so indulgent, the Taurus always makes a lasting impression, and is most definitely worth celebrating. If you know someone whose birthday falls between April 20 and May 20, then you are lucky enough to know one of these strong-as-a-bull individuals.

So what kind of birthday gift do you give the person with this earthy birth sign? Based on character traits of the Taurus, we suggest something luxurious, and something that appeals to all the senses. We’ve put together a list of the top 10 gifts for a total Taurus to help you out.

Top Gifts for Your Favorite Taurus

1. Sketch pad and colored pencils Tauruses are known to be creative types. Give them a gift that lets them get in touch with their artistic side, like a leather sketchpad and high-quality colored pencils.

2. Luxurious flowers Everyone appreciates a special delivery on their birthday. Have any of our stunning bouquets delivered right to your Taurus’s door (or desk).  

3. Constellation pendant Celebrate the down-to-earth Taurus with an adorable zodiac constellation pendant necklace from baublebar. This is a chic reminder that Tauruses are a one-of-a-kind crowd.

4. A lavish candle Appeal to the sense of smell with a famously luscious candle—from Paris. Diptyque Feu de Bois emits a delectable wood-fire scent, sure to be savored by the nature-loving Taurus.

5. Imported Italian wine Tap into their sense of taste with an expensive bottle of wine. But don’t just go to the local minimart; think Borolo wine–one of Italy’s finest.

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6. Deluxe chocolate As Tauruses are famous for their epicurean taste, a fine chocolate makes a choice birthday gift. Plus, who doesn’t want chocolate on their birthday? Just make sure it’s the good stuff.

7. A printed top We love this sheer tribal-printed top by Scotch & Soda, and are certain your earth-loving Taurus will too.

8. A designer handbag Gift your Taurus with a sweet little handbag, like this one from Madewell. This birthday surprise is not only practical, but the quality and style are totally up to Taurus standards.

9. Pretty plant Keep the celebration going long after their birthday with a gorgeous, long-lasting hot pink azalea. Any Taurus would adore this perfectly pretty plant in a stylish hand-painted pot.

10. Gourmet coffee Some high-end coffee beans coupled with a cute mug make the perfect gift combo for the classically ambitious, hard-working Taurus.

The best part about birthdays is celebrating with your crew. Though Tauruses have a reputation for being a bit bullheaded from time to time, they are also loving, dependable and will always have your back. Make your sassy sidekick’s birthday extra special with all the right swag.

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