You’re out with friends and someone catches your eye, what’s your opening line? In a society accustomed to a swipe-of-the-finger introduction, it’s more intimidating than ever to approach someone you’re interested in. People have been trying their hand at some of the best pick up lines for ages but, which opening lines are the ones that work?

We’ve compiled 56 of the best pick up lines inspired by pop culture to help you get past “hello” because no one does it quite like the movies do! Filter through our collection and discover a pick up line to match your mood, display your charm and win her over.

The Best Pickup Lines

From Pop Culture

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I hate to see you go, I love to watch you leave.

Sean Archer


I couldn’t help but notice, you look a lot like my
next girlfriend.

Alex "Hitch" Hitchens


Gimme some sugar, baby.

Ash Williams

Army of Darkness

Swoon — I’ll catch you.

Count László Almásy

The English Patient

If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.

Noah Calhoun

The Notebook

You give me premature ventricular contractions. You make my heart skip a beat.

Dr. Emma K. Kurtzman

No Strings Attached

Now what’s a nice girl like you doing in a place
like this?

James Bond

You Only Live Twice

I don’t know how to put this, but... I’m kind of a big deal.

Ron Burgundy


You had me at hello.

Gerald "Jerry" Maguire

Jerry Maguire

Is that canon fire, or is it my heart pounding?

Ilsa Lund


Drop that zero and get with
a hero.

John ‘Johnny’ Van Owen

Cool as Ice

You look so good I wish I could plant you and grow a whole field of y’all!

Will Smith

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Yo baby, I know your feet must be tired because you been runnin’ through my mind all day.

Will Smith

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

I love the smell of bacon
on a woman.

Kevin Jaye Malone

The Office

How you doin?

Joey Tribbiani


You’re the mini-cherry on top of the regular cherry on top of the sundae of awesomeness that is my life.

Barnabas "Barney" Stinson

How I Met Your Mother

Believe it or not, I wasn’t always as awesome as
I am today.

Barnabas "Barney" Stinson

How I Met Your Mother

Who looks like a carrot? Hi, who looks like a carrot?

Jacob Palmer

Crazy Stupid Love you like cheese?

Duke Orsino

She’s the Man

You can be Little Red Riding Hood and I’ll be The Big
Bad Wolf.

Jacob Black


I know what I want, because I have it in my hands right now. You.

Gerry Kennedy

P.S. I Love You

The thing is, um, what I’m trying to say, very inarticulately, is that, um, in fact, perhaps despite appearances, I like you, very much. Just as you are.

Bridget Jones

Bridget Jones’s Diary

To me, you are perfect.



I see you’re drinking one-percent is that ’cause you think you’re fat? ’Cause you’re not. You could be drinking whole if you
wanted to.

Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite

Some people are worth melting for.



Hey girl, I’m a keeper and I’m not talking about Quidditch.

Harry Potter

Is this seat taken, or do you mind if I Slytherin?

Harry Potter

I can take you to infinity
and beyond.

Toy Story

You’re the Obi-Wan for me.

Star Wars

You R2 cute.

Star Wars

What are the odds of you being in my favor?

Hunger Games

Is your name Ariel? Because I think we mermaid for
each other!

The Little Mermaid

Can you feel the
love tonight?

The Lion King

Is your name Alice? Because I’m lost in wonderland.

Alice in Wonderland

If you were a transformer, you’d be Optimus Fine.


Are you a Grey’s Anatomy fan? Because you’re definitely McDreamy.

Grey’s Anatomy

You’re my person.

Grey’s Anatomy

You’d better be a cardiologist, because something about you makes me want to give you
my heart.

Grey’s Anatomy

This might sound crazy, but I just had a flash-forward to us fallin in love and
getting married.

How I Met Your Mother

Have you ever licked the liberty bell?

How I Met Your Mother

I’d love to be the Diet Pepsi to your Sofia Vergara.

Modern Family

I’m not Colombian, but I can tell you’re caliente.

Modern Family

On a scale of one to ten, you’re an eleven.

Stranger Things

I’ve fallen harder for you than Bran Stark.

Game of Thrones

I think we’d have
great chemistry.

Breaking Bad

I’d be blue without you.

Arrested Development

Chances are the person you’re pursuing has seen a handful of flicks and these popular on-screen characters may have already won them over. Whether she’s the type who would smile after a few cheesy pick up lines or blush as you approach her with a cute one, these openers said and inspired by their on-screen characters are sure to win you some points.

Put your personal touch on the best pick up lines from pop culture and before you know it, you’ll be bonding over scenes from The Notebook or trying to hold back your laughter because you just started a conversation with a line from How I Met Your Mother.

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