It has probably been a while since many of us have been in a room with a group of people, but we all still know that the energy in a room filled with friends is undeniable. The joy of seeing loved ones and acquaintances is only made better by the selection of the perfect party game. When you select correctly, your party becomes a blur of competition, laughter, and memories. As we get older, we need a higher level of octane in our entertainment. Adult party games that will push your fun further than your teenage sleepover games ever could.

How do I Make a Party Fun for Adults?

Let’s start with the basics. Who is coming to your house party? What type of environment do your guests like? Are we talking more soft-talking intellectual types or more of the trash-talking variety? Do your attendees like trivia or are they more of a hands-on type of people?

Once you have a grasp on this, you can start to invest in a good game closet. Yes, you’ll need a whole closet. Adult party games are similar to a good spice rack, you may not need all those herbs every time you cook, but when you need a specific one, you’ll be glad you bought it.

Chairs and large tables will assist in giving your guest proper seating and visibility options as you delve into the world of party games. Now that we have you thinking like a proper party host, let’s plan for any direction you want to take your soiree.

Best Adult Party Games for Beginners

It helps if you have never tried to run a game night to start easy. No, we don’t mean an easy game, but rather a game that’s easy to comprehend rules-wise. Here are some of our favorite adult party games anyone can quickly understand and enjoy!

Sequence by Jax Games

Whether you have 2 or 12 players, Sequence is a classic game that can get the party started. Think of it like tic-tac-toe with a deck of cards and a checkerboard. One-on-one or as teams, you will have to utilize your powers of telepathy to strategize and block your opponents from making a five-card string. It’s classic, it’s easy, and it’s a sure win.

The Jackbox Party Pack by Jackbox Games

This little recommendation can be played in person or over Zoom call. You need a phone, laptop, or tablet as well as your group of friends. The Jackbox Party Pack is an extension of the ‘You Don’t Know Jack’ Trivia Series, and these games are played live over phone and tablet screens. They can be purchased in party packs that include multiple games in each pack, and the games can be trivia-based or reliant on your own creative answers, where the most hilarious solutions or answers typically win. It’s easy to play, but not-so-easy to stop.

Catchphrase by Hasbro

It may have been around for quite some time, but this game has adapted with the times. This mobile, disc-shaped handheld trivia unit (that will make sense when you see it) is a mix of hot potato and $100,000 Dollar Pyramid. Get your team to guess the word on the screen as you hold the device, but move quickly, as you can’t be holding it when the random buzzer sounds. This game is also sold in an “Adult Uncensored” version if your party-goers know each other well enough to ‘go there.’

Best Adult Party Games For Hands-on Players

Blokus by Mattel

Are you good with puzzle games like Tetris? Do you enjoy watching your opponent frustrated? Then Blokus is for your party! It was designed by French mathematician Bernard Tavitian, first released in 2000, and is recognized by Mensa as a game built for the development of genius minds. You’ll love it as the game of strategy and backstabbing, and you’ll forget it’s good for you and your guests’ brains. You can still brag about it when you win, though.

Strike by Ravensburger

Imagine a game of Yahtzee with attack elements and sabotage. That’s the brand new game from Ravensburger Games. Each player throws dice into the Strike coliseum with fury or precision. Each player must weigh each throw of the dice against their opponents. Prepare yourself for intense dice play and lots of shouting.

Bananagrams by Rena & Abraham Nathonson

So you think you’re a good speller? Maybe even a good Scrabble player? Well, nothing has prepared you for the speed and fun of Bananagrams! Build your own words on your own with tiles on a private board, but it’s a race against your opponents. Affordable, easy to play, and packed with smart competition — you will be hooked quickly on the ‘Grams.

Best New Adult Party Games

We’re Not Really Strangers by @koreen

You may start in a room amongst a group of random people thinking, “There’s no way we will get along,” but you surely won’t end the party feeling alone when you play this new card game. We’re Not Really Strangers is a card game that allows its players to delve deep into the personalities of its players. Non-traditional, intriguing, and enlightening, you will make new lifelong friends with this one. Deep questions provoke thoughtful answers in this game, and conversationalists will likely return to this one over and over again

What Do You Meme? by What Do You Meme

Are your adult party-goers internet savvy? Does your group of friends share funny social media memes? Then this is the card game for you! Get your friends to select your hand-picked memes from your hand and prepare to hold your sides. Truly exciting and funny, this game will make you feel like a social media star in real life!

Cards Against Humanity by Cards Against Humanity

WARNING: this is an adult party game that is not meant for sensitive players or for work-friendly parties. This game brings the elements of a live, ruckus, R-rated improv comedy show to your living room. We can’t stress this enough: this game is hilarious, but truly not meant for a younger audience, or for those who prefer their games on the tamer side. Several different options are available on their website for different genres, decades, and types of parties. The options are endless, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Preparing The Perfect Party Game Environment

These games will get the party started, but it’s up to you as the host to carry that momentum. Food and drink options should be stocked, that’s obvious, but other things like fun lighting for Instagram photos or easy access to your home WiFi password can help you go the extra mile to make your home the perfect game zone. Keep felt pens easily ready for labeling drink cups or to help with trivia games and scorekeeping. Also, be prepared for more house guests, because once word gets out you throw game nights like these, you’ll be more popular than an open bar at a wedding.