Sunflowers are the perfect pick-me-up flower. Their vibrant colors brighten any space and evoke a feeling of carefree summer days. Besides looking great in a backyard or vase, they also make a pretty good flower to draw.

If you want to spark your children’s imagination, download our free printables and have your kids color to their heart’s extent. While they are busy with pen and paper, maybe you want to treat yourself to some real sunflower bouquets!

How to Print Free Coloring Pages

All you need is a printer and some standard-sized paper (US). Pick the images you like, download them using the button underneath and start printing! All coloring pages come in black and white so you don’t need to worry about color printing.

Simple Sunflower Coloring Page

sunflowers on yellow background with simple coloring page

Your kids will have a great time coloring this pretty sunflower piece. Maybe you can show them all the different colors sunflowers come in and have them color in a few versions of this printable.

  • This coloring page is best suited for children aged 1 to 6.


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Cute Sunflower Coloring Pages

sunflowers on yellow background with cute coloring page

Have you ever put googly eyes on an inanimate object? If not, you should try it. Just look at what a few facial features can do to something that doesn’t naturally have any. If you don’t have any googly eyes at hand, print out this cute sunflower page. Your children will have a great time coloring a flower that smiles back at them.

  • The cute sunflower coloring page is a good option for kids aged 6 to 10.


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Intricate Sunflower Coloring Page

sunflowers on yellow background with intricate coloring page

Sunflowers have inspired many artists throughout history. Some of the most famous paintings are Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and Alfred Gockel’s Giant Sunflower. Maybe they will inspire you or your kids when coloring this sunflower. Since it has more depth than the other printables, they can add all kinds of shades to make it appear more realistic. If they’re feeling extra creative, they can even add features to the background and make it look like the wood panels are weathered or a mouse is peaking through!

  • Since the patterns are a little more intricate, this coloring page is best suited for children aged 8 to 12.


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Mandala Sunflower Coloring Pages

sunflowers on yellow background with mandala

Who says coloring is only for children? Studies have found that coloring mandalas can have a calming effect and even reduce anxiety and stress symptoms. Why don’t you join your little ones and color together? It’s fun, a great bonding experience and you’re doing something for your mental health — what a win-win!

  • This mandala is perfectly fitted for adults and any child aged 12 years or older.


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If your children can’t get enough of coloring, here are more printables to keep them busy:

Besides having a calming effect on your children (and you!), the beautifully colored pages can be a sweet addition to a flower bouquet to brighten someone’s day.