How Many of the Most Popular Flowers can You Name?


Our planet supports more than a thousand species of flowers. How many different types of flowers actually exist is still unknown, but we’ve put together a list of some of the more popular flower types found in gardens, in decor, and given as gifts:


The amaryllis is a popular bulb plant with large lily-like blooms and long, thick stems. Its fragrant flowers can be found in several colors. It is also known as the belladonna lily.


Commonly known as the windflower, the anemone is a poppy-like flower with small colorful blooms. They can be found in many colors, including red, blue, pink and white.

Asiatic Lily

A popular lily variety found in a range of colors, including brilliant yellows and oranges. Asiatic lilies are less fragrant than many other lily flowers. They are sometimes referred to as Tiger Lilies.


Small daisy-like flower often used to accent floral arrangements. Asters are typically found in shades of white or light to dark pink. New larger varieties such as the matsumoto aster can also be found in reds, purples and yellows.


A flowering plant with thick clusters of blooms, usually in shades of pink or white. Azaleas are typically planted outdoors or potted for indoor display.

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Baby’s Breath

Clusters of small white blooms which are most often used as a filler flower in rose arrangements. Baby’s breath is also known as gypsophilia.


A blooming plant often used in gardens or potted for indoor decoration. There are a variety of begonias available, which are appreciated for their brightly colored leaves and flowers.

Bird of Paradise

An exotic flower named for its resemblance to a tropical bird. The bird of paradise has a unique appearance which consists of a colorful “beak” and fanned petals.

Calla Lily

An elegant, bell-shaped flower consisting of thick petals and stems. Calla lilies are a long lasting flower which originated in Southern Africa. They are often used to represent beauty.


Campanula flowers are known for their small bell-shaped blooms, which can often be found in shades of lavender. They are also known as bellflowers or canterbury bells and are traditionally used as a sign of gratitude.


A long-lasting flower available in a wide variety of colors. Also known as dianthus, carnations have a long history of cultivation and are traditionally associated with fascination and distinction.


A brightly colored flower distinguished by its large blooming heads consisting of densely layered petals with a fuzzy texture. Celosia is also commonly known as cockscomb.


Chrysanthemums are brightly colored flowers available in many varieties. They are commonly known as mums, and are typically used to express cheerfulness.


See Celosia


A flowering plant consisting of colorful rounded petals and grassy leaves. The crocus is a traditional symbol of cheerfulness.


The cyclamen is a blooming plant which is popular as a potted flower. Its blooms are most often pink in color, and its leaves are typically variegated with silvery highlights.

Cymbidium Orchid

A tropical orchid variety characterized by its long narrow leaves, and large showy blooms. Cymbidium orchids are available in a variety of colors and are popular both as potted flowers and as cut flowers.


The common name for flowers in the Narcissus family, which consist of trumpet-shaped blooms and are often yellow or white in color. Daffodils are traditionally associated with chivalry. See also: Jonquil, Narcissus


A variety of flower originating in Mexico and Central America, which consists of colorful multi-petaled blooms. Dahlias are available in an assortment of colors and are often used to represent elegance.


Daisies are identified by their disk-shaped, multi-petaled blooms. They most often consist of white or pink petals surrounding a yellow center. See also: Gerbera Daisy

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Named after the dolphin for the long pointy shape of the bloom’s base, this field flower comes in shades of blue, white, purple, and sometimes pink. It is related to the Larkspur and used to symbolize levity and light-heartedness.

Dendrobium Orchid

Dendrobium orchids are distinguished by their long stems with clusters of many small butterfly-shaped blooms. They are often used in cut flower arrangements and are usually seen in shades of purple or white.


A fragrant flower consisting of many small and colorful blooms. Freesia is a relative of the iris and is often kept as a potted plant.


A flowering plant distinguished by its delicate white blooms and dark green leaves. Gardenias are prized for their especially pleasing fragrance.


A popular daisy variety originating from South Africa and distinguished by their larger flower heads. Gerbera daisies are available in many colors and are used to represent innocence.


Noted for its sword-shaped leaves and long flowering stalks, the gladiolus is available in a variety of colors. They are also commonly referred to as sword lilies, and are traditionally used to represent strength of character.


A unique evergreen plant with tiny, thickly-clustered pink blooms. Heather is traditionally used to represent admiration and good luck.


A tropical blooming plant with bell-shaped flowers, which can be found in several colors. Hibiscus makes a wonderful potted plant, and is often regarded as a symbol of beauty.


A fragrant flower identified by its narrow leaves and short floral spikes with thickly clustered blooms. The hyacinth originated in the Mediterranean and is associated with ancient Greek mythology.


Unique flowering plant with large round clusters of small blooms. Hydrangea can be found in many stunning colors, including blue, pink and purple, as well as bi-colored varieties.

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This hardy green foliage is used for its clusters of ornamental berries in shades of red, peach, and green. Hypericum is also commonly known as St. John’s Wort.


Six-petaled flower predominantly found in shades of blue or purple. Yellow and white are also available. Iris are grown in many parts of the world and generally symbolize faith and wisdom.


A vine-like flowering plant with many small blooms, most often white or yellow in color. Jasmine is very fragrant and is often used to make perfumes.


A member of the narcissus family of flowers, distinguished by its small and fragrant yellow blooms. The jonquil is associated with affection and desire. See also: Daffodil, Narcissus


A blooming succulent plant with small flowers found in a variety of colors. The kalanchoe is a popular indoor plant which is easy to care for.


See: Delphinium


A silvery, woody shrub that enjoys seaside weather. These fragrant plants bloom in spikes of purple, or sometimes white flowers. Lavender is often associated with love and devotion.


A silvery, woody shrub that enjoys seaside weather. These fragrant plants bloom in spikes of purple, or sometimes white flowers. Lavender is often associated with love and devotion.


Tall purple spiky or feathery flowers somewhat resembling a bottle brush. Liatris is often used in mixed flower bouquets as a filler flower.


Small woody trees or shrubs that produce beautiful, fragrant clusters of purple, lavender or white flowers in the Spring. Lilacs traditionally symbolize innocence or first love.

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A family of often fragrant flowers characterized by their large, bell-shaped blooms or curled open petals. Lilies are a classic symbol of purity. See also: Asiatic Lily, Calla Lily, Oriental Lily, Peace Lily, Peruvian Lily, Stargazer Lily


Purple or white flower, also known as sea-lavender, which is part of the statice family. Limonium is often used as a filler flower, or dried for use in preserved arrangements. See also: Statice


A small rose-like flower with multiple blooms per stem. Lisianthus is available in a variety of colors and is used in many types of mixed flower arrangements.


A flowering plant known for its large and fragrant blooms. These delicate flowers are typically found in shades of pale pink or white and are often used to represent nobility.


An aromatic flowering plant with large orange or yellow blooms. There are several marigold varieties available. The pot marigold, also known as calendula, is commonly used as a culinary herb.


A variety of carnation which consists of multiple small blooms per stem. Like other carnations, they are available year-round in many different colors.


Family of flowers which includes the daffodil and jonquil. The white flowers in this family, which are commonly called narcissus, are also known as paperwhites. See also: Daffodil, Jonquil


A diverse family of ornamental flowers prized for their exotic appearance. Orchids are available in many colors and varieties and are often used to symbolize rare and delicate beauty. See also: Cymbidium Orchid, Dendrobium Orchid, Phalaenopsis Orchid

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Oriental Lily

A fragrant variety of lily often found in shades of pink or white. Oriental lilies typically consist of multiple large blooms per stem. See also: Stargazer lily


A relative of the violet, with soft velvety petals. Pansies are available in several colors, including popular bi-colored and tri-colored varieties.

Peace Lily

The peace lily is a blooming plant which is often used to express sympathy. They are distinguished by their white flag-shaped blooms and dark green foliage, and are also known as spathiphyllum

Petite Rose

Also known as sweetheart roses, these flowers are characterized by their smaller size relative to standard roses. There are many types available, including single bloom and multi-bloom varieties.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Also known as moth orchids, phalaenopsis orchids are characterized by their single long stems. They are most often found in shades of purple or white, and have become popular as a potted plant.


A unique flowering plant with colorful leaves, often red, which resemble large flower petals. Poinsettias are a popular decoration during the winter holidays, and are strongly associated with Christmas.


A small variety of flower, often in the chrysanthemum family, which is recognized by its round blooms consisting of many tiny petals or florets. Pompons are commonly used in mixed bouquets as a filler.


An exotic flower known for its unique cone-shaped blooms. Protea flowers originated in Africa and are available in several varieties and colors.


A small tulip-like flower with cup-shaped blooms available in a variety of colors, most often yellow or white. Buttercups are a popular flower in the ranunculus family.


A family of flowers which are distinguished by their layers of delicate petals, and strong, thorny stems. There are many varieties and colors available. Roses have been a symbol of love for centuries and remain one of the world’s most recognized and celebrated flowers. See also: Petite Rose, Spray Rose, Tea Rose

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A long-stemmed flower with clusters of small colorful blooms. They are so named because the flowers are said to resemble small dragon mouths.


Solidago is a small yellow flower often used as a filler in floral arrangements. It is also known as solidaster or goldenrod and is a member of the aster family.

Spray Rose

A small variety of rose consisting of multiple blooms per stem. Spray roses are available in assorted colors and are sometimes called sweetheart roses. See also: Petite Rose

Star of Bethlehem

A spring flower with long grassy leaves and clusters of small star-shaped blooms. The star-of-Bethlehem’s blooms are typically white, with some green variegation

Stargazer Lily

The stargazer is a popular oriental lily variety recognized for its large star-shaped blooms and distinctive fragrance. The flowers are usually found with dark pink centers, which fade to white at the edges.


A popular filler flower with multiple small blooms. Statice is typically found in shades of blue, pink or white and is used in many kinds of flower arrangements. See also: Limonium


A fragrant flower with thick clusters of small blooms typically available in shades of purple and white. Stock is also known as matthiola, and is often used as a filler flower.


A thick-stemmed flower with large, sun-shaped blooms. Sunflowers are typically comprised of bright yellow petals surrounding a dark center. They are traditionally used to represent warmth and adoration.

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Tea Rose

A variety of rose that originated in China, and has a tea-like fragrance. Its introduction to Europe in the 19th century led to the development of many new kinds of roses. Modern-day long-stemmed roses are often a form of hybrid tea rose.


A relative of campanula, which is typically found in shades of purple or white. Trachelium is also known as throatwort, and is often used as a filler flower in floral arrangements.


The tuberose is characterized by clusters of small lily-like blooms along tall floral spikes. The flowers are typically found in white and are very fragrant.


A popular bulb plant with colorful, cup-shaped blooms. Tulips are traditionally used to represent fame and love. Notable varieties include Dutch Tulips and French Tulips.


A small multi-petaled flower typically found in shades of purple. Violets are popular for their color, as well as their pleasing fragrance. One of the most common varieties is the Sweet Violet.


Small flowers consisting of multiple blooms per stem, and named for their waxy texture. Waxflowers are sweet-scented flowers, and are often used as a filler in mixed arrangements.


A small multi-petaled flower similar in appearance to daisies. Zinnias are available in a wide range of colors and are popular both as garden flowers and cut flowers.