Peace Lily

The freshest flowering plants come from loving, attentive growers. And ProFlowers peace lilies are loved and cared for until the day they are shipped to you, straight from the growers so you can enjoy it as long as possible. To be able to enjoy this lily plant for a long time, follow the instructions below to ensure you unpack it correctly and care for it in the best possible way. By doing so, your peace lily will bloom beautifully and bountifully for a long time.

Peace Lily Plant

1) Carefully remove the plastic sleeve and/or wax paper from around plant.

2) Next, completely remove the moss or paper shred if there is any covering the top of the soil and discard.

3) Allow the peace lily medium, indirect sunlight daily. It can tolerate lower lighting environments if it has to. Keep it in moderate (normal indoor) temperatures.

4) Soil should be kept moist at all times. If soil feels dry upon receiving the plant, make sure to give it water. During the summer months, keep the soil moderately moist. It is also recommended to spray the leave occasionally using tepid, soft water. In the winter, lessen the watering schedule.

5) The peace lily does not require any fertilization. However, if it is desired to fertilize feed a small amount of light house plant food from spring to fall months.

6) Repot your plant when the roots are apparent and seem crowded.

The peace lily will showcase a few white flower heads blooming amongst the dark green leaves. These flower blooms bud and blossom year-round and will last a long time. Once the blooms fade, you may notice a non-blooming period before it starts to produce flower heads again. The peace lily will reach a height anywhere from 24-40 inches tall.

Note: The peace lily will communicate with you when it is not receiving enough water. If leaves appear to be drooped and wilted, the plant is thirsty. Once it is given water, it will perk up back to its normal self.