One problem that often arises on Mother’s Day is which Mom, of all the Moms you know, do you spend the day with? You’ve got your Mom, Mother-in-law, wife and sister, and don’t you dare forget grandma. You want to (and must) make each and every one feel special…but how, aside from simply sending a Mother’s Day bouquet?

We’ve come up with the perfect plan—spend the day with all Moms, together, in one place. Sound scary? Here’s how you do it:

Two weeks before Mother’s Day

Make it really special and send out invitations to each of the Moms. Let them know when and where to go, but don’t reveal what you’ve got planned—let that be the surprise element. If you don’t have time to print out actual invitations (and who does?), just send a paperless post—you know grandma is all about receiving emails nowadays.


Mother’s Day Itinerary

Mother’s Day Itinerary. Start with brunch.

10 a.m. – Have the Moms meet at a nice resort and start the day with a light brunch that includes some simple fruit, croissants and, of course, mimosas.


Head To The Spa For Mother's Day

11 a.m. – Make it a spa day! All Moms love (and deserve) to get pampered. The Moms can delight in massages, facials and manis and pedis. And if you’re a Mom yourself, you get to be spoiled, as you deserve too. This gives the Moms a chance to bond, as well as have some much-needed time to unwind.


End Mother's Day With A Family BBQ

2 p.m. – Once the Moms are nice and relaxed and feeling good, have them all caravan over to your house, or someone’s house, for an afternoon barbeque with the whole family. By having an outdoor gathering, you will essentially be creating a more casual and laid-back atmosphere, which is perfect when having all the Moms together.

Here are a few tips to make it go as smoothly as possible:



Keep it simple! Dads are great at grilling, so choose a variety of barbeque options to suit each Mom’s different tastes. You can go for something easy and classic, like hamburgers, or get fancy with grilled fish or steak. Here is a recipe for grilled skirt steak with chimichurri sauce that we think looks deeelish.

Also, put out plenty of side dishes, like obsessively good avocado-cucumber salad and baked chickpeas with pita chips and yogurt.

When it comes to Moms, you never want to skimp on dessert. Make it easy on yourself and pick up some cakes or cupcakes from the local bakery. Or, if you’re really feeling inspired to bake, the Moms will love these salted chocolate chunk cookies.


Variety is the key to pleasing everyone. Try this honey paloma cocktail or this watermelon jalapeño margarita. It’s also important to put out some non-alcoholic beverages–try these unique, super-tasty flavored waters.


You don’t have to go all out with décor, but small touches that show you put some effort won’t go unnoticed by the Moms. Fresh flowers on the tables are a must, so get lots. We love these adorable floral straw embellishments, and the Moms will too no doubt.

Since you are going for a more casual atmosphere, scatter chairs and tables around the yard, and set the food out buffet style. Everyone can sit and mingle with whomever they choose and can eat at their own discretion.

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be complicated, or super formal. Moms just want to feel appreciated and loved by the people she loves the most. Give them the best gift of all–time with all of you. A day of fun and relaxation will certainly make all the Moms happy, all at once.