Two dozen red roses

Primary Significance: Thinking of you 24 hours a day

Roses have grown to become a meaningful form of expression in our lives. With their beautiful appearance and pleasing fragrance, along with the wealth of symbolism they carry, roses can help to convey a wide range of feelings and sentiments. One way to make an especially dazzling impression is with a bouquet of two dozen roses. Aside from the fact that two dozen roses can make for a stunning arrangement, they also carry their own special meanings and significance.

Much of the appeal of 2 dozen roses can be traced to the associations that we make with the number twenty-four. Just as the number twelve has many symbolic overtones which extend to the tradition of sending one dozen roses, the number twenty-four carries its own symbolism which is echoed in a bouquet of two dozen roses. While perhaps not quite as prevalent, the number twenty-four still holds its own place of distinction within many aspects of human culture.

One obvious representation of the number 24 is the number of hours in the day. Thus, each rose in a bouquet of two dozen roses can correspond to an hour, and say to someone that they are loved or appreciated throughout the day, or that they are always in our thoughts. Two dozen roses can also call to mind the purity of 24 carat gold. The number twenty-four is often used to symbolize happiness, love, and creativity, which can also be expressed with two dozen roses. The traditional romantic message of 24 roses is that of complete devotion, or “I am yours.”

Oftentimes, two dozen roses are simply chosen in order have twice the impact of a traditional bouquet of one dozen roses. In this way, an arrangement of two dozen roses can be used to convey practically any sentiment, with even more emphasis on the message, especially of love. The effect can leave quite an impression on their recipient.

A bouquet of two dozen roses can be doubly impressive, as well as impart a deeper meaning. It’s not surprising that it has become an enduring way to communicate our appreciation and affection toward those we care about. Roses have remained an important part of our lives for centuries, and the practice of giving two dozen roses continues to retain an undeniably special appeal. There is no doubt that a bouquet of two dozen roses will make a powerful statement, and be very much appreciated.

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