Kids Guide to Flower Symbolism for the 50 States


State flowers showcase deep meanings, and symbols for each state throughout America. Meanings stem from feelings along with the colors and attributes of individual flowers. Many state flowers are chosen because they are commonly seen throughout the state. These flowers often have historical significance, and meaning, which makes the blooms special to residents of each state. Flower selection was sometimes done by schoolchildren. In the year 1907, children voted to select both the state flower and tree for Illinois. The state flower became the lovely purple violet and the Native Oak was designated as the state tree.

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Alabama Common Name – Camellia Scientific Name – Camellia

The camellia is a flowering shrub that symbolizes excellence, loveliness and destiny.

Alaska Common Name – Forget Me Not Scientific Name – Myosotis alpestris

Forget me not flowers symbolize true love and remembrance.

Arizona Common Name – Saguaro Cactus Blossom Scientific Name – Carnegiea gigantean

The saguaro cactus blossom symbolizes the desert.

Arkansas Common Name – Apple Blossom Scientific Name – Pyrus coronaria

Apple blossom flowers represent a variety of inspirational meanings such as good fortune, hope and preference.

California Common Name – California Poppy Scientific Name – Eschscholtzia californica


The California poppy is a golden flower that symbolizes eternal sleep and imagination.

Colorado Common Name – Rocky Mountain Columbine Scientific Name – Aquilegia caerules

The rocky mountain columbine symbolizes being anxious and trembling.

Connecticut Common Name – Mountain laurel Scientific Name – Kalmia latifolia

The Connecticut state flower symbolizes victory.

Delaware Common Name – Peach Blossom Scientific Name – Prunus persica

The peach blossom has a romantic meaning because it symbolizes love’s captive.

Florida Common Name – Orange Blossom Scientific Name – Citrus sinensis

The orange blossom flower symbolizes both fertility and fidelity.

Georgia Common Name – Cherokee Rose Scientific Name – Rosa laevigata

The Cherokee rose became the state flower of Georgia because it symbolizes Georgia peaches.


Hawaii Common Name – Pua Aloalo Scientific Name – Hibiscus brackenridgei

The pua aloalo symbolizes paradise and represents the state of the Hawaii.

Idaho Common Name – Syringa – Mock Orange Scientific Name – Philadelphus lewisii

The syringa is a species of flower with the latin name “philadelphus lewissi” to represents the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Illinois Common Name – Purple Violet Scientific Name – Viola

Purple violet flowers symbolize faithfulness and the color purple also symbolizes magic, imagination and mystery.

Indiana Common Name – Peony Scientific Name – Peony

Peony flowers represent bashfulness (shyness) and healing.

Iowa Common Name – Wild Prairie Rose Scientific Name – Rosa pratincola

The wild prairie rose has several meanings because the rose blooms in a variety of colors. These roses symbolize desire, beauty, love, mystery joy, friendship and happiness.

Kansas Common Name – Sunflower Scientific Name – Helianthus annuus

Sunflowers symbolize pure thoughts and adoration.

Kentucky Common Name – Goldenrod Scientific Name – Solidago altissima

Goldenrod flowers symbolize cautiousness.

Louisiana Common Name – Magnolia Scientific Name – Magnolia

The magnolia flower symbolizes the love of nature.

Maine Common Name – White pine cone and tassel Scientific Name – Pinus strobus, Linnaeus

The white pine cone and tassel is not a botanical flower, but the state of Maine adopted it as the state flower anyways. The white pine cone and tassel symbolizes the reproductive structures of pine cones.

Maryland Common Name – Black-eyed susan Scientific Name – Rudbeckia hirta

The black-eyed Susan is a member of the sunflower family, so it also symbolizes adoration and pure thoughts.

Massachusetts Common Name – Trailing-Arbutus Scientific Name – Epigaea regens

The Massachusetts state flower symbolizes the Mayflower.

Michigan Common Name – Apple Blossom Scientific Name – Pyrus coronaria

Michigan adopted the apple blossom as their state flower also. This flower symbolizes good fortune, hope and preference.

Minnesota Common Name – Pink and white lady’s-slipper Scientific Name – Cypripedium reginae

The pink and white lady’s slipper flower symbolizes a miniature lady’s slipper. The latin meaning is “stem less” which refers to the flower having a leafless flowering stem.

Mississippi Common Name – Magnolia Scientific Name – Magnolia grandiflora

The magnolia represents the love of nature.

Missouri Common Name – Hawthorn Scientific Name – Crataegus

The white hawthorn flower symbolizes purity.

Montana Common Name – Bitterroot Scientific Name – Lewisia rediviva

The bitterroot flower represents a new start.

Nebraska Common Name – Goldenrod Scientific Name – Soldiago gigantean

Goldenrod flowers represent being cautious.

Nevada Common Name – Sagebrush Scientific Name – Artemisia tridentate

Sagebrush represents the desert atmosphere across Nevada.

New Hampshire Common Name – Purple lilac Scientific Name – Syringa vulgaris

Purple lilac flowers symbolize your first emotions of love and fastidious.

New Jersey Common Name – Violet Scientific Name – Viola sororia

Blue and purple violets symbolize faithfulness and white violets represent simplicity and modesty.

New Mexico Common Name – Yucca flower Scientific Name – Yucca glauca

The yucca flower is a cactus plant that is associated with endurance.

New York Common Name – Rose Scientific Name – Rosa

Roses symbolize a number of different feelings and attributes, depending on the color. Red roses represent love, yellow symbolizes friendship and pink roses represent grace and perfect happiness.

North Carolina Common Name – American Dogwood Scientific Name – Cornus florida

The American dogwood is associated with legends and myths.

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North Dakota Common Name – Wild Prairie Rose Scientific Name – Rosa arkansana

The wild prairie rose is a pink rose that symbolizes grace and perfect happiness.

Ohio Common Name – Scarlet Carnation Scientific Name – Dianthus caryophyllus

The scarlet carnation symbolizes admiration.

Oklahoma Common Name – Mistletoe Scientific Name – Phoradendron serotinum

Mistletoe symbolizes kissing, and romance.

Oregon Common Name – Oregon Grape Scientific Name – Berberis aquifolium

The Oregon grape plant bears yellow flowers and represents the beauty seen throughout Oregon.

Pennsylvania Common Name – Mountain Laurel Scientific Name – Kalmia latiflolia

The mountain laurel products pink and white blooms and it symbolizes spring time in the mountains.

Rhode Island Common Name – Violet Scientific Name – Viola

The violet represents being faithful.

South Carolina Common Name – Yellow Jessamine Scientific Name – Gelsemium sempervirens

The yellow jessamine represents modesty.

South Dakota Common Name – Pasque Flower Scientific Name – Ppulsatilla hirsutissima

The pasque flower represents the meaning “without pretension.”

Tennessee Common Name – Iris Scientific Name – Iridaceae

Isis flowers symbolize compliments.

Texas Common Name – Bluebonnet Scientific Name – Lupinus

Bluebonnet flowers represent spring in Texas.

Utah Common Name – Sego lily Scientific Name – Calochortus gunnisonii

The sego lily symbolizes majesty and purity.

Vermont Common Name – Red Clover Scientific Name – Trifolium pretense

Red clovers represent industry.

Virginia Common Name – American Dogwood Scientific Name – Cornus florida

American dogwood flowers represent myths and legends.

Washington Common Name – Coast Rhododendron Scientific Name – Rhododendron macrophyllum

Rhododendrons represent the historical past the evergreen leaves symbolize everlasting life.

West Virginia Common Name – Rhododendron Scientific Name – Rhododendron maximum

Rhododendrons symbolize history and the leaves represent eternal life.

Wisconsin Common Name – Wood Violet Scientific Name – Viola papilionacea

Wood violets symbolize faithfulness, simplicity and modesty.

Wyoming Common Name – Indian Paintbrush Scientific Name – Castilleja linariaefolia

The Indian paintbrush flower symbolizes both beauty and freedom.