You don’t need to be a professional to create beautiful, picture perfect flower bouquets. The best part about flower arranging is that you get to create a unique bouquet, suited for any occasion. It’s also easier than you’d think to create a fresh floral arrangement that will impress. To help you get started, we’ve included a few tips, tricks and design inspirations below. Simply follow these steps on how to arrange flowers to make your bouquets stunning, elegant and fresh for seven days guaranteed.

Before you get started arranging your own bouquet, you’ll need to pick out a handful of fresh flowers and greenery. If you’re not sure which blooms are right for your bouquet, take a look at our list of long lasting flowers. From carnations and lilies to peonies and sunflowers, you’ll surely find something perfect for your bouquet.

How to Arrange Flowers Step-by-Step

Once you have the florals picked out, it’s time to start arranging! We’ve listed four steps below on how to arrange flowers into the perfect bouquet.

  1. Place each stem in the vase spread evenly around the rim, working from the outside in.
  2. If you have a mixed bouquet, start arranging with the type of flower that has the highest quantity. This will make it easier to create a balanced bouquet.
  3. Crisscross stems while arranging your flowers. This will lift some flowers, which creates volume in the middle of the bouquet. It also helps you fit all of them into the vase.
  4. Place the flowers with the least quantity last (think of them as an accessory!) Arrange these across from one another and make sure that your bouquet looks balanced.

How to Arrange Flowers: Tips and Tricks

Learning how to arrange flowers can be simple, especially if you have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve. For example, did you know that cutting the stems off the flowers at an angle will help them get the necessary amount of water? Find out more tips on how to arrange flowers below.

  • When your flowers arrive, take them out of the ProFlowers signature box. Simply peel off the protective wrap and lay out your stems.
  • Cut the stems off of your flowers at an angle so that the bloom will stand about 1 to 3 inches from the top of the vase.
  • If you have roses, remove the guard petals. These petals are harder than normal rose petals and surround the rose bud, creating a protective rim.
  • Remove any leaves that would be submerged under water when the stem is placed in the vase.
  • Use one flower food packet and pour it into the vase. This will keep your flowers fresher longer.

Flower Care Tips

Once you’ve mastered how to arrange flowers, it’ll be important to take proper care of your fresh bouquets. There’s nothing like a bouquet that lasts and lasts and lasts.

  • Once your flowers have been arranged, expect them to bloom within three days.
  • After the third day, change the water in your vase and add your second packet of flower food.

Take a peek at our guidelines for how to make flowers last longer and watch the short video below for more flower care tips.

Practice makes perfect! There is no need to get discouraged if you have to start over or forget a step. Have fun with your flowers and try different ideas with new experiments. When styling your bouquet, your options are limitless. Experiment with different vases and looks to really make the most out of your beautiful blooms. You can also check out a few creative methods for how to arrange flowers to get some more ideas. And, no matter how you decide to arrange your bouquet, remember the most beautiful flowers are those given from the heart.

Once you’re confident with your floral arranging skills, try your hand at a DIY flower chandelier or vertical wall garden. You’d be surprised at the gorgeous pieces you can create with flowers!