The flirtatious blooms of Peruvian lilies dawn a variety of shades, making them a fun choice for many occasions. With the primary meanings of Peruvian lilies being friendship and devotion, these precious flowers are sure to express your most playful sentiments.

The vibrant and long-lasting Peruvian lily is native to South America, but its appeal has spread far beyond the land of its origin. Reminiscent of miniature lilies, Peruvian lilies can be found in a variety of colors, including brilliant shades of yellow, pink, orange, and white. With multiple blooms per stem, they can compose a magnificently full vase arrangement. Along with their meaning, this makes them a top choice for many flower-giving occasions.

peruvian lilies on a pink background with gift box

Peruvian lilies are also called alstroemeria after the Swedish botanist credited with introducing them to Europe. In the late 18th century, Baron Von Alstroemer returned from a trip to South America with seeds from the Peruvian lily. Not long after this discovery, the flower found great popularity with flower enthusiasts around the world. Today, the meanings of Peruvian lilies are friendship and devotion. With so many gift-giving occasions that center on these themes, you may find Peruvian lilies to be a safe choice across the board. Whether you’re sending a bouquet just because, or for your friend’s birthday or graduation, the meaning of Peruvian lilies expresses your love and support in so many ways.

As a symbol of devotion, Peruvian lilies can say to a companion or loved one that you will always be there for them and that you trust in your lasting bond. The depth of meanings for Peruvian lilies is a compliment to their beauty, and the message that these flowers send is profound in its authentic simplicity. The brilliantly colored blooms of Peruvian lilies can light up a room as well as the hearts of their recipients. Whether displayed on their own or used to accent a mixed bouquet, these dazzling flowers will always attract attention because of their unique appeal and the meaningful messages that they can carry. From their origins in the mountains of Peru, the Peruvian lilies have found a special place within the language of flowers.

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