Do you have an extra vase laying around from a beautiful bouquet someone sent to you? Rather than letting it gather dust in your cabinet, repurpose it! There are plenty of ways to show off your favorite vase. Whether you prefer to simply fill it with fun, seasonal items or have a few minutes and want to do a little DIY, there are many things you can do to make it look brand new.

It doesn’t matter if your vase is tall and skinny or short and wide, we have an idea for you! So get to work organizing your bathroom, crafting a gift or adding a little festivity to your living space. The 23 vase ideas are organized by category in case you already have an idea in mind, but just need a little more inspiration.

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Since fall is quickly approaching, we like the seasonal ideas mentioned above. You can add mini gourds or pumpkins to an old vase for a pop of orange. To get in the mood for Halloween, display some candy for the trick-or-treaters. For those who enjoy crafting, we love the rustic fall feel simply gluing acorns or twigs to the outside of a vase can add.

If these vase ideas have inspired you to redecorate the whole living room, we created fall color palettes for every home from trendy to traditional. Each color palette has pro tips to help make sure the all of the colors pop. It also includes links to some of our favorite design blogs for even more fun design inspiration.

Looking for more vases to reuse? Our bestsellers have several different styles to choose from. Pick a bouquet and a vase, enjoy the beautiful blooms and then you will have a brand new DIY project!