Flowers can send a lot of messages. There’s no denying the meaning of a bountiful red rose bouquet, but have you ever wondered what other flower colors are saying? We compiled the meaning for every color under the rainbow and their common meanings. From the friendly yellow carnation to the pure white orchid, use this guide to pick the right colors to express your emotions. Once you know the perfect message you’d like to send, browse our popular bouquets in a variety of vibrant colors.

Red Flower Meanings

Red Flowers

It's no surprise that a bouquet of red roses is the symbol for passion during courtship. Red is an undeniable symbol of love and romance, primarily because the color red is associated with the heart. Red also represents the color of flushed cheeks. In addition to desire, red can also represent strength and courage, two very important characteristics when you're about to go on that first date.

flower meaning

Love, Romance, Desire

suggested flowers

Roses, Tulips, Carnations

Orange Flower Meanings

Orange Flowers

Orange flowers are a common gift to a family who's greiving as it can brighten up a room and bring cheer. Upbeat and enthusiastic, the color brings joy to someone feeling under the weather or facing a hardship. Unlike red, orange flowers are playful as evidenced by their appearance in bright wildflowers like daisies and poppies. Overall, adding orange to your environment can bring a warm and energectic vibe.

flower meaning

Joy, Happiness, Warmth

suggested flowers

Lilies, Dahlias

Yellow Flower Meanings

Yellow Flowers

Don't mistake a bouquet of yellow blooms as a ticket to the "friend zone." What yellow may lack in romance, it makes up for in lightheartedness and compassion. Yellow flowers make a great workplace gift to a coworker having a rough week or to show your appreciation for someone's hard work. Because yellow comes in softer tones than orange or red, it can also symbolize understanding and a willingness to renew broken relationships.

flower meaning

Friendship, Good Health, Respect

suggested flowers

Sunflowers, Daisies, Daffodils, Ranunculus

Green Flower Meanings

Green Flowers

After a long winter, the first sight of green is always a sign of spring to come. Green flowers represent new life, good fortune and renewal, and can typically be found in plants like ivy or vines. Take a well-manicured lawn for example –– incorporating green arrangements can bring balance, freshness and harmony.

flower meaning

Harmony, Wellness, Youthfulness

suggested flowers

Hydrangeas, Orchids, Spider Mum

Blue Flower Meanings

Blue Flowers

While red can spark feelings of romance, blue can keep a romantic fire burning. A symbol of commitment and peace, blue flowers are a popular choice among couples who want to communicate trust. Blue can also calm worries and signal support, making it an appropriate gift for greiving or sick friends. If you're feeling stressed, display a bouquet of blue flowers nearby to act as a calming presence in the room.

flower meaning

Serenity, Intimacy, Openess

suggested flowers

Irises, Morning Glory, Hyacinth

Indigo Flower Meanings

Indigo Flowers

Indigo can conjure up images of a deep, deep sea or dark midnight. For many, it has a calming effect, but can also express a feeling of mystery, intuition, balance and structure. Indigo flowers are perfect to give to someone who is constantly busy as a way of signaling to slow down and listen to their gut feelings.

flower meaning

Wisdom, Integrity, Sincerity

suggested flowers

Baptisia, Pansies, Daisies

Purple Flower Meanings

Purple Flowers

Rooted in roytalty, purple is commonly associated with signs of wealth and elegance. It also represents vibrant creativity and can be a great mood booster for those in need of a challenge. Purple flowers are a popular gift alternative to red bouquets as they represent an important transition in life, such as a move, engagement or major life change.

flower meaning

Pride, Success, Refinement

suggested flowers

Lilacs, Calla Lilies, Asters

Pink Flower Meanings

Pink Flowers

Pink flowers are a popular alternative to red or yellow flowers, as they strike a good balance between intense love and friendship. Playful, delicate and feminine, pink flowers can represent openess to life's possibilities and convey gentleness and delicacy. Pink can represent spontaneity and care, making it a perfect surpirse gift to long distance friends and relatives.

flower meaning

Grace, Happiness, Innocence

suggested flowers

Roses, Dahlias, Azaleas

White Flower Meanings

White Flowers

White flowers express purity, innocence, thoughtfulness and fidelity. A popular choice for a bride's bouquet or ceremonial displays, white flowers can stand alone as single bouquets or pair well with other romantic-colored flowers like red or pink. In addition, fixing white with other colorful blooms enforces the authenticity of a meaning, expressing the highest levels of understanding.

flower meaning

Purity, Honesty, Perfection