51 Cheerful Easter Centerpieces

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The snow is melting and the spring flowers are starting to bloom, which means Easter is coming up soon! If you’re hosting or attending an Easter party this year, bringing a festive centerpiece to the table can make a big difference and wow guests.

Check out these 51 Easter centerpiece ideas below, ranging from simple table toppers that assemble in minutes to more intricate centerpieces that flaunt your DIY craft skills. No matter what your favorite part of spring is, these are sure to make any Easter celebration unforgettable.

Spring Egg Display


This craft made by A Beautiful Mess takes the name “spring” literally. Your Easter eggs will look wonderful when they’re displayed on your homemade springs.

Clay Bunny Bowls


All you need is air-dry clay, a little bit of paint and a Sharpie to create this adorable bunny-snapped bowl for any Easter Table. Everybunny will love it, so hop over Alice & Lois’ blog for tips to get started.

Spring Bulbs and Moss


If you want to use spring bulbs in your centerpiece but don’t want to wait weeks for them to bloom, An Appealing Plan has the perfect idea for you. This centerpiece uses already-growing daffodil bulbs that are ready to be displayed immediately.

Peeps and Tulips


Marshmallow Peeps are a staple of any Easter basket, and they’re also a perfect addition to any festive tabletop centerpiece. Bell’alimento uses pink Peeps and pink tulips to make a centerpiece that will look perfect during Easter brunch.

Hippity Hoppity


Beth Hart Designs’ tray uses subtle and tasteful Easter decorations that would look perfect around the house all-year round. You can easily create your own rustic spring-inspired version with a few pieces from a home goods or craft store.

Painted Wooden Eggs


Who would have thought using colorful wooden eggs, metallic paint and dried grass could make a beautiful table top nest centerpiece? Follow Birds Party’s tips to create your own unique centerpiece.

Flower and Foliage Arrangement


Looking for a spring time centerpiece that’s also elegant? Camille Styles shows you how to make a foliage inspired design with commonly found florals. If you want to make your own arrangement, just follow the step-by-step tips.

Spring Under Glass


By adding this miniature garden centerpiece on Easter table, you can bring the freshness (and fun) of spring inside for everyone to enjoy. See how it’s made by Cottage at the Crossroads.

Real Grass


This Easter, try growing your own wheatgrass centerpiece. Not only will it impress your guests, you can snip some off to add to a morning smoothie! Thanks, Country Girl Home, for providing this fresh idea.

String Easter Eggs


Your guests will be amazed by these innovative Easter eggs. Blow up balloons into an egg-like shape, and carefully wrap thread around the balloon until you’ve created a string egg. Thanks for the idea, Craftwhack!

Sharpie Easter Eggs


Want to decorate your Easter eggs with something other than color dye this year? Try stenciling, drawing, outlining or coloring your hardboiled eggs with a Sharpie marker to give them a unique look—Cutesy Crafts shows you how.

Paper Flower Tabletop Display


These bright homemade DIY flowers made from strips of colorful paper, buttons and wooden stems are easy to make and still wow any guests at your spring celebrations. You can get the tips on decor8’s blog.

Make a Splash


All you need is a round glass vase and a dozen fresh tulips (and an extra pair of colorful rain boots if you have them; if not local retail stores sell sturdy, lasting ones for cheap!).

Egg Cup Succulents


If you want to do something different for your Easter centerpieces, think small and create a collection of tiny succulent cups. Their creative centerpiece combines brightly painted egg cups with hardy plants that you can repurpose for the windowsill or mantle. Visit Design Improved for the fill tutorial.

Galaxy Eggs


With just some colorful acrylic paint, a paintbrush and a few sponges, you can create a galaxy on your Easter eggs. You’ll be star-struck when you see Dream a Little Bigger’s egg design.

Cheerful Daffodils


Driven by Décor offers a variety of ideas you can use to brighten up any Easter table, including bunny-ear napkins, daffodil bunches, birdhouse placecard holders, faux nests and more!

Golden Animal Eggs


Sometimes, the simplest decoration can make the biggest impact. That’s the case with Flax & Twine’s Easter eggs—their clean design uses just a few small, glittery animals like butterflies, frogs, ladybugs, and rabbits to decorate the white shell—and well, it works perfectly!

Glittery Eggs


To recreate this glittery centerpiece of shiny eggs, take tips from Girl. Inspired. All you need is a little white glue and a whole lot of gold glitter. This is a great craft ideas for kids—they’ll love making their own glittery designs.

Swinging Easter Chick


With a little bit of yellow yarn, some crafting wire and a few colorful, cut-out felt decorations, you can create a cute swinging chick. You can get the chick template and the tips for this craft on Handmade Charlotte’s blog.

Easter Lantern Display


Light up your Easter table with an ornate lantern display centerpiece like this one from Homemade by Carmona’s lantern display. To make, just fill a glass lantern with painted eggs, your favorite foliage or flowers and a little moss.

Speckled Egg Nest


A nest decorated with green moss and pastel-colored speckled eggs will look gorgeous in the center of your table. Take tips from Jane Can to make your own stylish nest for any door or mantel.

Silhouette Easter Eggs


Decoupage silhouettes on your Easter eggs to give them a unique vintage look. The tips for these old-timey eggs can be found on Jennuine’s blog.

Chocolate Additions


If you’re in a rush, follow this idea from Joyful Scribblings. Simply update a store bought plant with a chocolate bunny and you’ll have a festive Easter centerpiece in less than 10 minutes.

Jelly Bean Blossom


Jelly beans are a classic Easter candy, and they work great in a centerpiece too. Kara’s Party Ideas shows you how to hot glue jelly beans to branches to create a blooming tree.

Felt Easter Bunny


Is your tabletop in need of an Easter mascot? Use some felt, a sewing needle and a hot glue gun to make an adorable Easter bunny. Lia Griffith has the tutorial for this fun project.

Blooms in Eggshells


This clever craft will make you do a double take. Created by Little Inspiration, hard boiled egg shells are saved, cleaned out and filled with colorful white and pink daises. Read more on her blog to make your own mini egg vases.

Flowers and Carrots


What do you get when you combine white and yellow flowers, eggs in a nest of faux-grass and the Easter bunny’s favorite snack? You get a beautiful centerpiece! You’ll find the tips to make this arrangement on Love Grows Wild’s blog.

Painted Eggshell Vases


Lovely Indeed’s elegant Easter centerpiece uses eggshells in place of a vase. To recreate this bright eye-catching centerpiece, paint each of your eggshells light green, and fill them with blooming poppies.

Rustic Planter Box


This rustic centerpiece inspired by mixing winter and spring season can be assembled can be put together in a matter of minutes—all you need are yellow flowers and a few light blue and green eggs to line the wooden box. Thanks, Meatloaf and Melodrama, for providing this centerpiece idea.

Colorblock Vases


With a color-block vase like this one from Modern Parents Messy Kids, you can easily brighten up any monochromatic or plain colored table. Colors that contrast, like these white tulips and blue felt-tip vase, work best.

Easter Wire Eggs


This Easter centerpiece will appear even the most minimalist of decorators. Use a simple wire to make a sleek outline of an Easter egg, and display your creation on a lovely blooming branch. Monstercircus has the tips for this Easter egg centerpiece.

Crochet Easter Bunny


This cute crocheted Easter bunny is designed to fit around an egg and sit cozy in a centerpiece. Add it as a playful topper to your egg or floral display. Break out your crochet needle and head over to One Dog Woof’s blog for the tips.

Rustic Easter


This simple wooden planter box features decorated plastic eggs with ribbon trim and Irish moss that looks similar to faux Easter grass. You’ll find the tips for this centerpiece on Our Sixth House’s blog.

Rainbow Water


Next time you’re creating a centerpiece, don’t just think about the flowers. In Papery & Cakery’s rainbow centerpiece, the multicolored water is the star, resulting in a truly creative display. Pair it with stark white blooms to really make the bright colors pop.

Flowers on a Serving Tray


Princess Pinky Girl’s stylish serving tray with a mason jar vase and peonies is a great Easter centerpiece. You can easily create your own by painting a white ceramic tray with pink and white candy stripes, and then arranging pink-hued flowers and green grass moss balls to complete the decoration.

Bunnies and Chicks in a Tree


In this whimsical, multi-tiered centerpiece, painted hollowed-out eggshells are filled with colored rice, little bunny figurines and tiny chicks. Remodelando la Casa shows you how to create this showstopping display.

Easy Easter Egg Tree


Gather a few branches from your backyard, put them in a sleek, white jug, and string up black and white Easter eggs. Restyle Relove shows you how to make your stylish egg tree.

Gilded & Speckled Eggs


These speckled robin’s egg blue and gilded eggs shine as bright as diamonds. Follow Sand and Sisal’s tips to make your eye-catching light blue, metallic and silver eggs.

DIY Woven Basket


If you want to create your own unique handwoven basket like this one inspired by South by North, check out her blog for step-by-step tips.

Spring Christmas Lantern


If you have a Christmas lantern sitting in a storage bin, take it out and use it for your Easter centerpiece! Southern Couture shows you how to transform your Christmas lantern into the perfect spring decoration.

Confetti Easter Eggs


Who says advent calendars are only for Christmas? Squirrelly Minds shows you how to create confetti–filled advent Easter eggs—kids will love cracking open these eggs.

Honeycomb Easter Eggs


Your guests will be buzzing with excitement when they see these honeycomb egg centerpieces. Studio DIY shows you how to make your own honeycomb eggs using a stencil and pastel-colored paper.

Mini Face Planters


If you’re looking for interesting pots for your plants, try making Sugar & Cloth’s mini-face planters. These planters will look wonderful on your Easter table, and after the holiday, you can continue using them to grow your favorite plants.

Tulips and Asparagus


Asparagus may not be the first thing you think to use when creating Easter decorations, but The Crafting Chicks proves that it can look perfect! Combine asparagus with yellow tulips for a truly unique centerpiece.

Vellum Flowers


Vellum plastic is the perfect material to use to create a garden of colorful daisies. Learn how to make your own flowers on The Happy Scraps’ blog.

Sugared Fruit and Flowers


Easter is all about the sweet treats, and this sugared fruit centerpiece celebrates that tradition. The Party Parade has the tips for this sugar-covered centerpiece.

Simple Herb and Flower Arrangement


The Simple Proof’s centerpiece is easy to put together, but the results are stunning. To make it, just gather five blooming plants and place them in the vessel of your choice.

Flowers in a Watering Can


Fill a metal watering can with yellow flowers, and surround the can with pinecones and tree cuttings. The Summery Umbrella has the tips for this lovely natural piece.

Sweet Bunnies


This easy-to-make craft combines all of the classic elements of Easter: pastel colors, chocolate, Peeps and blooming flowers. To learn how to make this sweet and colorful arrangement, head over to the Two Sisters’ Crafting blog.

Chalkboard Eggs


In this craft by We are Scout, chalkboard paint is used to create customizable eggs. Your guests will love adding their own messages for Easter.

Spring Serving Tray


Worthing Court’s kitchen table centerpiece features a steel tray filled with spring essentials—flowers, green plants and ceramic birds. You can also place silverware-filled saucers on the tray, making this centerpiece both fashionable and functional.

Bring Spring Inside

Whether you’re looking for colorful flowers or creative egg arrangements, there’s sure to be a centerpiece here that you’ll love. If you want to add more festive Easter decorations to your home, check out our stunning Easter arrangements.