Getting out of bed isn’t always easy and caffeine can be the perfect way to kickstart your day. We want to help smooth out the morning routine, not only for you, but also for your guests!

Instead of fumbling to find a mug, sugar or a spoon, why not organize a space on your countertop or dining area just for your morning cup of coffee? If you are worried about clutter, it’s time to leave that notion behind. You can make your DIY coffee bar as complicated or basic as you want. Not only will it make your life a little easier, it will also be a welcome surprise for visitors.

Coffee Bar Basics

A basic coffee bar has everything you need to make your favorite cup of joe in the morning. If you like regular coffee, be sure to have a high-quality coffee maker, your favorite beans, a coffee grinder and any add-ins (like sugar or honey) on hand.

  • Coffee Maker – No coffee bar would be complete without the coffee maker! We chose to start with the coffee maker and frame all of the accessories around it.
  • Coffee Beans – Coffee beans smell amazing and have a distinct texture. Make use of them as a design element by keeping them in a clear container. The pros also recommend storing them somewhere airtight. Don’t forget to keep a coffee scoop nearby so you can quickly measure the perfect cup.
  • Mug – You’ll want to keep your mug near the coffee maker so you don’t have to think too much before you indulge in some caffeine. If you like to take your coffee on the go, place a thermos close by so you can make a quick cup on your way out the door. Some coffee makers have a self timer. Check yours to see if you can prepare the night before and save even more time!
  • Grinder – For the whole bean buyers out there, make sure your grinder is right next to your coffee machine. They can make a huge mess if you have to transport the grounds too far.

If you prefer fancier drinks, but don’t want to go to a coffee shop everyday, invest in a machine with more functionalities. What’s better than being able to make a delicious latte, espresso or cappuccino at the push of a button?

  • Espresso Maker – Sometimes a cup of drip coffee just doesn’t cut it. If you prefer a bold shot of espresso or a frothy latte, opt for an espresso maker! They definitely work well for a modern style, but can be added to a retro, mod or bright option too.
  • Milk Frother – Supplement your espresso maker with a milk frother. Your guests will love being able to make lattes without having to change out of their pajamas. The chrome frother included above works if you have the space. You can also find small hand-held versions that will fit just about anywhere.
  • Syrups – For an extra treat, add syrups to your coffee bar. Being able to make vanilla and caramel lattes will take your morning routine to the next level and have you excited to jump out of bed. You can swap them out depending on seasonality too — try pumpkin spice for fall and toffee nut for winter.

How to Style Your Coffee Bar

  1. Sugar – Whether you like to add a bit of sugar to your coffee or not, we recommend putting some out. Guests will appreciate you accommodating their preferences. Plus this is another opportunity to incorporate another fun design element.
  2. Honey – If you are placing tea with your coffee bar, add honey as well. Not only is it great for tea-drinkers, it can be a natural sweetener substitute! We love the cute wooden honey dipper to use instead of a standard spoon.
  3. Spoons or Stirrers – For those who like to add cream, sugar or syrups to their coffee, something to mix it all up will be helpful. If you are going for a more modern look, try sleek simple spoons. For those who prefer rustic or antique, select a more ornate spoon for your coffee bar.
  4. Flowers – To add some color to a fairly muted color palette, we popped in a vase of stargazer lilies. Not only are they beautiful with the strip of pink down each petal, they also give off a lovely fragrance.
  5. Art Print – Adding a sweet message to read first thing every day as you pour your coffee might just lift your mood. We made a few custom options that fit in a five by seven frame. Steal a frame from another room in your home to add a new texture or a pop of color.

  1. Colorful Cups – These glass cups are super cute and would match nearly any aesthetic! If you are creating a more colorful theme, use bright cups to add a pop of color.
  2. Books, Newspapers or Magazines – We love the idea of adding an interesting read or the daily paper to your coffee bar. You will really feel like you are staying at a fancy hotel if you have a special place to read while drinking your coffee.
  3. Mini Chalkboard – Unlike a bar cart, your coffee bar may be in a corner of your kitchen countertop. Leaving a sign can help clarify what you are doing in your new coffee bar space.

  1. Cake Stand – You can add a cake stand to your coffee bar even if you don’t plan on displaying extravagant treats everyday. They can be used as a fun, cute storage container.
  2. Pastries – Speaking of pastries, we are obsessed with these floral and fruit topped treats! The rose bud and flower petal details are almost too cute to eat.
  3. Napkins – On the days when you do want to indulge, add some napkins. We happen to know that these beautiful desserts can leave your fingers quite sticky.

How to Style Your Coffee Bar

Now that you know what to include in a coffee bar, have fun creating your own! Pull from tea set you never use or that cake stand that’s collecting dust. Bring these pieces out of retirement so they can liven up your morning regimen.