20 Unique Bridesmaid Flowers + Design Trends for Each Season

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Whether you’re having a spring or winter wedding, bridesmaid bouquets will be a significant part of your special day. From succulents to flower crowns, there are endless options out there that will step up your wedding game. 

We’ve compiled a list of the 20 most unique bridesmaid flowers for your celebration. No matter what season your wedding day is, there’s something stunning out there for you and your wedding party. 

Spring Flower Bouquets


With all kinds of gorgeous flowers blooming in the spring season, you’re sure to find the perfect arrangement for your celebration. Check out some of our favorites below!

1. Pretty in Peonies

Peonies are a quintessential spring flower and a must in any wedding! These gorgeous pink flowers bloom in early spring, making them the perfect addition to your seasonal celebration. If pink doesn’t jive with your color palette, peonies also grow in a wide variety of shades ranging from red and orange to cream and yellow. 

Consider pairing these blooms with other bright varieties for the ultimate bridesmaid bouquet, including:

2. Flower Crowns

Who said bridesmaids had to hold their floral arrangements? A great way to add a unique twist to your spring wedding is having your ladies wear a beautiful flower crown. This adds a level of cohesiveness to your wedding photos and is a lovely way to jump headfirst into the spring season! 

Other flower crown recommendations include:

  • Baby’s breath

  • Eucalyptus

  • Daisies

3. Mimic the Bride 

If you want to keep your wedding simple yet elegant, consider getting matching bouquets with your bridesmaids. Not only does this look stunning in pictures, it is also a great way to stay on theme with your wedding and allows you to have some fun when choosing flower varieties. 

Some great options to consider include:

  • Roses

  • Peonies

  • Dahlias

4. Tie in Ribbons

Looking to add another special element to the bouquets? Tying in ribbons with the flowers will set your bridesmaids apart from other weddings and will have guests in awe over the bouquets all day and night. Pick ribbons that complement the flowers and let them flow in the wind as the ceremony begins. 

Add some ribbons to these flower varieties:

  • Hydrangeas

  • Roses

  • Sunflowers

5. All for Orchids

Step away from traditional roses and go for the unique beauty of orchids. These delicate and classy flowers are a beautiful homage to spring and will look stunning in the hands of your bridesmaids. Pick flowers that pair well with the classic soft purple color of orchids, or go with a white or pink variety.

Other suggestions include:

  • Purple anemone

  • Ranunculus

  • Dahlias

Summer Flower Bouquets


Show your love for the summer sunshine by incorporating some bright blooms and greenery into your bridesmaids’ bouquets. Read more below on how to spice up your arrangements with unique plants like succulents and wildflowers.

6. Succulents

Succulent care has become a popular topic in recent years, and now these cute plants have made their way into the wedding industry! Though they’re not technically flowers, these unique plants make for beautiful summer bouquets and pair well with any flower arrangement of your choice. Consider adding shades of orange and red to complement the cool green tones of the succulents. 

Try incorporating:

  • Peonies

  • White Roses

  • Dahlias

7. Tropical

Bring paradise to your wedding celebration and incorporate some tropical plants into your special day. Adding large, lush leaves or bold flowers to your bridesmaid bouquets are a summer must and will make your guests feel like they’re on island mode. 

We recommend adding:

  • Monstera leaves 

  • Birds of paradise 

  • Hibiscus flowers

8. Wildflowers

Add a touch of magic to your bridesmaid bouquets with a lovely arrangement of wildflowers. These aren’t your typical bouquets — wildflowers are whimsical blooms that come in different arrangements every time. These dreamy bouquets are especially great for garden, bohemian or country weddings.

Some of our favorite wildflower varieties are:

  • Poppies

  • Daisies

  • Bellflowers

9. Be Bold

Go all out in your summer wedding with the brightest and boldest colors you can find. With colors like bright pink, orange, red or purple, your bridesmaid bouquets will stand out like no other. This is the perfect way to celebrate summer and will make your wedding photos pop!

Add some color to your wedding with these bold blooms:

  • Peonies

  • Violets

  • Sunflowers

10. Opt for Yellow and Gold Hues 

Bring the sunshine to your wedding with a bright bouquet of yellow flowers. Celebrate with a wide variety of stunning shades that will perfectly encapsulate the joy and happiness you feel on your special day. 

With hundreds of varieties to choose from, we’ve picked our favorites below:

  • Sunflowers

  • Dahlias

  • Marigolds

Fall Flower Bouquets


As the weather begins to cool down and the leaves start to change color, we’ve compiled some unique bouquet ideas that will perfectly capture the beauty of fall.

11. Accent With Pampas Grass

You may have heard of placing pampas grass in your home, but what about for bridesmaid bouquets? This stunning neutral plant is actually a great accent for bouquets and will give your autumn wedding that bohemian feel. Since the grass is dried, it’s meant to last for a long time — perfect if you’re planning on keeping your bouquet after the wedding.  

Pair your pampas grass with these flower recommendations:

  • Cream roses

  • White hydrangeas

  • Sunflowers

12. Rustic 

Make a statement in your fall wedding by having your bridesmaids rock some rustic bouquets. Stick to neutral colors and warm tones to give your country wedding that cozy fall feel. We recommend using dark floral colors such as maroon with light cream shades.

Some of our favorite rustic plants include:

  • Garden roses

  • Dusty miller

  • Air plants

13. Add Olive Branches

Using beautiful flowers will always be in style, but incorporating greenery such as olive branches is a unique alternative that leaves plenty of room for creativity. Pairing this foliage with fresh white roses will leave your bridesmaids with a stunning fall bouquet that is sure to be the talk of the town.

We recommend adding olive branches to these flowers and plants:

  • White roses

  • Eucalyptus

  • Peonies

14. Foraged Berries

Ever considered using fruit in your bouquet? This is a unique and fun way to set your fall wedding apart from others while still remaining classy and chic. No matter what kind of tasty berry you decide to incorporate in your arrangements, your wedding bouquets will be one for the books!

Some of our favorite berries include:

  • Cranberries

  • Grapes

  • Blackberries

15. Infuse Earthy Tones

Channel your love for Mother Nature by infusing earthy shades and textures into your wedding. These sleek, neutral tones add warmth and romance and are the perfect way to celebrate an outdoor wedding in the fall. Your guests will instantly feel the glow of your love as soon as they walk into the ceremony! 

Try using the following flowers in your bridesmaid bouquets:

  • Ranunculus

  • Tulips

  • Red or brown roses

Winter Flower Bouquets

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Bring the winter magic to your wedding with these icy bridesmaid bouquet ideas and trends. There’s no better way to celebrate new beginnings than with some gorgeous winter hues and stunning flowers.

16. Go Green

Mix it up with a stunning arrangement of greenery! Have your bridesmaids rock bouquets with different textures and shapes of foliage to celebrate your big day. You might also consider adding white flowers to beautifully complement the green plants. 

Some more suggestions:

  • Green sunflowers

  • Dusty miller

  • Eucalyptus

17. Corsages

Celebrate your wedding and the holiday season with stunning corsages. This style is unique and versatile, yet brings a level of class and sophistication to any winter wedding. Have fun with the designs and let your creativity loose with this exciting bouquet idea. 

We recommend using:

  • Ranunculus

  • Magnolia

  • Daisies

18. Cool Tones

If you’re looking to stick to blues, grays and purples in your winter wedding, make sure you add those same pops of color to your bridesmaid bouquets, too! Hydrangeas are a great option as they come in a wide variety of cool tones and look absolutely gorgeous in photographs. If you want to take it up a notch, try adding lavender and violets for dimension.

Some other cool tone flowers include:

  • Irises

  • Delphiniums

  • Periwinkles

19. All White

Stick to the traditional all-white theme of weddings (and mimic crisp snow) by having your bridesmaids flaunt white flowers in their bouquets. You can keep it simple with white roses, or add accents of pampas grass and leaves for a fuller-looking bouquet. 

We also love adding:

  • Calla lilies

  • Orchids

  • Snowdrops

20. Dried Lavender

Lavender has many uses, but one unusual way to incorporate lavender into your life is by adding it to your bridesmaid bouquets. Not only will it smell amazing, but it will add style to your celebration. 

We recommend incorporating:

  • Baby’s breath

  • Purple roses

  • Eucalyptus 

No matter what kind of unique floral bouquet you choose for your bridesmaids, you’re sure to have a beautiful day that you and your partner will cherish forever. For more wedding inspiration, check out our guide on gift etiquette.