Bearing a strong resemblance to the shape of a bird in flight, the birds of paradise flower is a popular and strikingly beautiful tropical flower. It is commonly used in bouquets needing an exotic touch, as well as tropical wedding bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres. ProFlowers takes pride in offering our customers the highest quality birds of paradise in our flower arrangements and more. We also offer the best care instructions so you can keep your flowers fresher longer.

Your box of birds of paradise will be complemented by 2 packets of floral food and additional instructions on caring for them. Following all the instructions provided will help your birds of paradise (which look closed and tight upon arrival) open up over the next few days to show off their bright orange and blue petals.

1) Add room temperature water to your vase and mix it with 1 packet of flower food. Your flowers are thirsty upon arrival and need to drink water for 8-12 hours to perk up.

2) There will be a protective plastic liner around your bouquet. Carefully remove it.

3) There will also be floral foam on the bottom of the bouquet, as well as a bag that covers the foam. Remove both the floral foam and the bag off the bottom of your bouquet in one swift tug. Doing this will helps the bag catch any excess floral foam that may cause a mess. The floral foam is used to help keep your flowers fresh in transit from our fields to your home.

4) Clean any excess foam off the bottom of your stems.

5) To open up the flowers pores and allow them to absorb more water, cut 1 inch off the bottom of the stems. Make sure the cut is at an angle and done under water. The reason it is recommended to cut them under water is to eliminate any air bubbles that may occur, which prevents the flower from drinking.

6) Normally, there is not excess foliage running up and down the stems of the flowers. However, if there is, strip off any that will sit below the water. It can muddy up the water, or it can suck up too much, leaving none for the actual blossoms.

7) On day 3 or when the water is turning yellow and cloudy, re-cut flower stems, change the drinking water and add your second packet of flower food provided. If the water has begun to change colors, this means bacteria is developing, which causes the flowers to wilt faster.

8) At any time, get rid of dead leaves and flower heads to keep bouquet healthier longer.

9) Finally, keep your birds of paradise in a room with a cool temperature. Also make sure they live away from direct sunlight, heat and drafts.