How to Care for Lucky Bamboo Plants

ProFlowers bamboo plants are grown with a little luck and a lot of love. Being a fixture in Feng Shui, this house plant is said to bring any owner good luck and good fortune. Cared for until the day it is shipped to you, our lucky bamboo requires little care, making this plant one of the easiest to grow.

Lucky Bamboo Plant To enjoy your plant, follow the instructions below to ensure you don’t bruise or harm it while unpacking it. In addition, follow these directions, as well as the one provided in the box, for a long lasting lucky bamboo plant that can potentially grow up to 3 feet tall.

1) Carefully remove the plastic rubber and moist cotton or paper from around the bamboo roots.

2) Remove the provided rocks from the plastic bag. Add them to the container and arrange them carefully. Additional assembly instructions are included in the box.

3) Although the bamboo does not need much water to survive, the roots should always be covered with water. Replenish the vase with fresh water every 7-10 days for best results. Tap water is okay for the bamboo plant to drink, as long as chlorine levels are low. If they are not low or if you are unsure, leave tap water out overnight and the chlorine will evaporate before you use it to water your lucky bamboo.

4) Lucky bamboo requires moderate or indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight will scorch the leaves, so avoid it when possible.

5) Lucky bamboo thrives in temperatures anywhere from 65-95°F, so it makes a great office or house plant.

Lucky Bamboo Gift for Dad

6) If you want to feed it a fertilizer, use a liquid houseplant fertilizer every 3-4 weeks.

7) Your lucky bamboo should be green, but if any of the stem is yellow this indicates it is sick. Remove the yellow part of the stem or the stem completely so it does not spread to the rest of the plant.

8) If roots become too tight in the container, repot the bamboo into a larger container.

Note: If you have high levels of fluoride in your tap water, we recommend using filtered water, such as bottled water. Fluoride will not evaporate and is toxic to plants like lucky bamboo.