Cribs, diapers, car seats, oh my! We know that you read What to Expect While You’re Expecting from cover to cover, but we are here to help with something the book might not have mentioned, the party planning!

Below is a one stop shop for baby shower etiquette. Easily find answers to a few burning questions, and to make sure you don’t miss a beat, download our printable baby shower checklist. If this is your guest’s first time attending a baby shower, we even threw in some info to help them out.

Who should host a baby shower?

Traditionally, baby showers are thrown by a close friend or a more distant relative. Nowadays, a mother or sister can host too! It is seen as poor form by the etiquette police to host a shower yourself.

When should the baby shower be held?

Baby showers are typically held near the end of the pregnancy but not close enough that the baby could be a surprise guest. We recommend within the four to six week range. Some religions dictate that you cannot know the gender until birth in which case the shower would be held once the guest of honor is up to celebrating.

Who should be on the baby shower guest list?

People close to the family should be invited to celebrate this huge milestone. Try to avoid adding everyone from your social circle. If the event gets too large it can begin to feel like a gift grab. It is also common practice to have separate baby showers for the workplace.

Should men be invited?

It’s the twenty-first century and gender roles are rapidly shifting so feel free to invite the daddy who will be on diaper duty. If you just want to play fun games with your ladies, that’s fine too! The host and mother-to-be should have a chat about the guest list and whether or not to extend an invitation to the fellas.

Should the mother-to-be register for gifts?

Yes! Registering for gifts takes stress off of the host, guests and the future mom. Some moms want all organic products or have chosen a certain color scheme. You can send a subtle message to attendees with a well thought out registry. The list should include a wide range of items at different price points so all guests can find something they will be excited to gift.

We also recommend keeping a list of who brought what and getting a jump start on thank you cards. Once the baby comes you might be too busy to sit and write a thoughtful thank you message.

Can you throw a shower for a second child?

Celebrating every birth is becoming more popular, especially if there is a large gap in age. Many also host a “baby sprinkle” which is a low-key baby shower like a barbecue or a summer picnic with a pared down registry.

What activities should be planned for the baby shower?

Think of what the guest of honor would most prefer. You can organize a bunch of silly baby shower games or you can opt for a more elegant affair. Themed baby shower parties are really popular and can be a fun way to ensure gifts that tie together nicely. It’s also good to consider timing so you know whether it will be necessary to serve drinks and appetizers.

Should I send a gift if I cannot attend?

Unlike weddings, if you cannot attend it isn’t required to send a gift but the stressed mom will definitely appreciate the thought of a nice card and well wishes!

How much should I spend?

This should largely be decided based on your relationship with the guest of honor and whether you plan on sending any additional gifts once the baby arrives. A safe estimate would be between $30 – $50.

If I get multiple invites, should I attend all showers with a gift?

If a mother-to-be is being celebrated by several different groups and you happen to overlap, it is kind and considerate to attend when you can. However, if any of the events are far away or conflict with prior plans, don’t worry! It is not necessary to send multiple gifts but if you feel uncomfortable showing up empty handed, bring a small gift like a gift card for a manicure or a sweet treat.

Remember to RSVP whether you plan on attending or not.


Baby Shower Checklist

Avoid the last minute panic and get a head start on the party planning. We created a printable checklist to guide you from choosing the guest list to party time!

Now that you are all organized and ready to celebrate, let us help you decorate with some beautiful flowers.