White Azaleas


In China, the azalea is thought of as the “thinking of home bush”. At ProFlowers, we find this cozy flowering plant a staple to have in homes and in gardens. These fresh from the fields flowers are ready for your care, and with proper nurturing they can double in size and last for years.

Your azalea plant will arrive boxed and in a plastic sleeve to keep it safe. To enjoy your plant, follow the instructions below to ensure you don’t bruise or harm it while unpacking it. In addition, follow these directions, as well as the one provided in the box, for long lasting azaleas.

1) Carefully remove the plastic sleeve from around the plant.

2) Completely (and immediately) remove the moss or paper shred covering the top of the soil and discard.

3) Pinch off any wilted blooms and leaves to avoid the plants energy trying to revive these. Try not to touch any fresh, open blooms. This will cause them to wither and wilt.

4) Water your azaleas upon arrival and always keep the soil evenly moist without overwatering. If your flowers appear wilted, they should perk up within 24 hours after watering. If soil is dry to the touch, give the azaleas more water. We recommend watering them over a sink to allow excess water to drain.

5) Do not apply a fertilizer while the flower heads are blooming. After flowering, feed the plant a very light, general houseplant fertilizer.

6) Allow the azalea to receive indirect sunlight daily. It should live in moderate (normal home) temperatures.

7) Encourage additional flowering by pinching back faded blossoms. If you do not pinch back faded blossoms, the plant will focus its energy on trying to revive them instead of feeding its energy on keeping the rest of the plant healthy and nourished.

8) If you want to plant your potted azalea outdoors, allow it to receive indirect sunlight. Also, temperatures outside cannot drop below 30°F.