Sometimes it’s nice to do something for someone just because. Whether it’s changing a burnt-out light bulb or waiting to watch the next episode together, the little things in life go a long way and we could all use a reminder of that at times. With to-do lists a mile long and life’s other responsibilities looming, it’s important to acknowledge just how impactful the little things can be for our relationships. Not to mention, seeing someone else smile can bring you joy of your own.

As a reminder of the many things you can do for someone else, we created a list of 100 acts of service ideas. Being sure of the things you can do to make someone’s day can be as simple as knowing them and discovering their love language.

Browse through our collection to find endless ways to nurture your relationships and take Gary Chapman’s love language quiz to discover more things you can do to connect with others. Take a break from your own to-do list and check something off someone else’s.

Bring the groceries in from the car

Fill the car
with gas

Do the

Iron their

Make their

Put a new roll of toilet paper
on instead of leaving it empty

Change the oil in their car

Do their

Fix the

Fold their

Take the
trash out

Untangle a
mess of cords

Pick up their prescriptions

Change a burnt-out light bulb

Give them the
“night off”

Pull the

Pay the

Dust the

Scrub the

Shovel the
snow for them

Make a list for the grocery store

Pick up the
dry cleaning

Clean the
computer monitor

Move the
laundry over

Mail a letter
for them

Mow the lawn

Organize the tupperware cabinet

Have dinner ready when they get home

Bake them
a cake

Make them
a cup of tea

Make them

Make them a cup of coffee

Leave the last bit
of milk for their cereal

Bake them

Did they forget something? Bring it to them

Give them a

Rub their

Give them
a pedicure

Give them the
"night off"

Put a towel in the dryer
and have it ready when they
get out of the shower

Clear a frozen windshield for them

Check for
food in
their teeth

to put the
seat down

Bring them
a glass
of water

Walk them
to the door

Don’t watch the next
episode without them

Plug in their
phone if
they forget

Find a

Drop them off at the door
and then park the car

Mark their Dad’s birthday on the calendar

Open the
door for them

Let them
sleep in

Make a
phone call
they’re avoiding

Return the
grocery cart

Do something
they forgot to do

Fluff their

Make them a
coupon book

Start the car and run the
heater before they leave

Clean their

Make them
a playlist

they lost

Offer them
a back rub

Ask if they need you to pick
up anything on the way home

Untangle a

Help them prepare for a
presentation at work

Schedule that
for them

Lift something

Let them
park in
the garage

Record their favorite TV show

Let them pick
the movie

Bring them
the remote

Invite their
friends over

Give them an hour of
uninterrupted TV time

Pick out their
favorite movie
to watch

Give them an hour of uninterrupted video game time

Do all the research for an upcoming vacation

Take the pet
to the vet

Take the kids
to school

Feed the

Go to the parent teacher conference

Walk the

Get up when the baby’s
crying in the middle of the night

Drive the kids somewhere

Pack the
kids lunches

Put the
kids to bed

Change the
baby’s diaper

Clean up after the dog made a mess

Clean out the litter box

Those fluent in the Acts of Service love language give and receive love primarily by doing things for others and having things done for them. Lucky for you, this language is budget friendly only costing you a little time and effort!

Use the ideas above and the tips below to embrace the acts of service love language successfully. And remember, actions speak louder than words.

When communicating, use action phrases like, “I’ll help,” “I’ve got you covered,” and “I got your back.”

You should go out of your way to alleviate their workload and check items off of their running to-do list. Do things without asking and follow through on those you say you’ll do.

Avoid emphasizing the request of others or making requests of others a high priority.

Download the sharable acts of service ideas below. You can print them out, pin them and share with your loved ones!

acts of service

Now that you’ve mastered ways to show someone your love with acts of service, you can elevate your expression by incorporating another love language like receiving gifts or spending quality time with one another. Pick out a fresh bouquet of flowers or a potted plant to set out next to your empty sink of dishes. If you’re looking for more ways you can show your love, take a peek at these romantic quotes or use a few I’m sorry quotes to personalize any apology.