Ah Mother’s Day…it’s your day to feel appreciated for all your hard work (being a Mom isn’t as easy as you make it look, after all). Your family really outdid themselves this year and sent you an incredible bouquet…in a box. You may be an expert floral designer already, but if you’re like most, you aren’t completely sure how to arrange your beautiful blooms so they look their very best.

Watch this video to learn 3 ways to style our Mother’s Day Spectacular bouquet, so you can proudly display them, and be the envy of all your friends.

First, some basic steps to follow for each look:

  1. Take the flowers out of the box and remove the wrapping
  2. Trim the stems at a diagonal (a minimum of one inch, but this will vary depending on your vase)
  3. Remove any foliage from the stems that may fall below the water line
  4. Fill your vase with clean room-temp water
  5. Separate the blooms by variety


Tall and textured

Tall and Textured Mother's Day Bouquet Styling Tips

We used our tall brilliant cut glass vase to create this dramatic look. Insert all one type of flower first to ensure even coverage throughout the bouquet. Then fill in the open spaces with the other flower varieties. The texture of the vase adds an interesting and ornate appearance, highlighting the beauty of the flowers.

Insider tip: Place blooms in the vase at a diagonal and crisscross the stems to help hold them up and keep them in place.


Short and square

Short Square Mother's Day Bouquet Style

We love short vases because the flowers can really pop. We chose a square clear glass vase to create a charming and modern arrangement. To achieve this look, simply follow the instructions outlined above and trim the stems to fit within the shorter vase.

Insider tip: Start by adding flowers to the perimeter of the vase, and then work your way to the center. This helps the center flowers stand up better.


Mixed and many

Mixed and Many Mother's Day Bouquet Style Idea

Mixing a variety of different vase shapes and sizes creates a unique and artistic look. Rather than have all your blooms together in one bouquet, separate them into multiple vases. We found these adorable little perfume-style bottles and placed one or two stems in each one. If you don’t have varying clear glass bottles around the house already, hit up the local thrift store or craft shop.

Insider tip: Put the same color and type of bloom in each bottle and place the bottles in a cluster on the table.


There are a number of benefits to receiving your bouquet in a ProFlowers box—it keeps them fresher longer, and you have the creative freedom to arrange them however you wish. Follow our tips and make your Mother’s Day bouquet look as beautiful as it was intended. Check out other bouquet styling ideas and make sure you brag on Instagram with a photo of your blooms and #ProFlowers.