Halloween party coming up? Don’t go empty-handed. A spooky or fall-themed centerpiece could be just the hostess gift to add delight and focus to the celebration. Of course, each host or hostess has different tastes, and only you can know what’s appropriate. Review these three options to find the right style for the Halloween hostess you aim to please.

Option #1:  Décorative Centerpieces.

The consummate decorator may be a little too spooked by centerpieces with funeral-, blood-, eyeball-type themes. Similarly the protective parent won’t want anything to give the little ones nightmares. Happy, fall-themed Halloween centerpieces use orange flowers, greenery, happy pumpkins and a contented black cat or two.

Pumpkin Vase and FlowersPumpkin in a Harvest Wreath

The theme of this centerpiece is (fear-free) autumn abundance. With flowers disappearing from lawns and landscapes, it reflects the rich colors of late summer. The busy, multicolored wreath base complements the pumpkin’s sleek and shiny ridges. You’ve never seen a pumpkin looking prettier! With no pumpkin cutting necessary, this centerpiece could last for weeks.


(available at craft stores)

Foam or straw wreath form

U pins

Silk or fresh magnolia leaves

Small plastic fruit like grapes, cherries and small apples

Silk flowers in yellow, umbers or reds

Halloween garland with orange berries

Pumpkin, with surface cleaned


  1. Pick an attractive, squat pumpkin; check that it stays stable when sitting; make sure it will fit within the wreath form without occluding too much of the greenery.
  2. Remove pumpkin.
  3. Attach plastic fruit and silk flowers to the wreath form with u pins.
  4. Wind Halloween garland (with small orange berries) around wreath form and pin in place.
  5. Pin magnolia leaves so that the pinned areas disappear under the loose end of the next leaf.
  6. Arrange magnolia leaves to hide all pins.
  7. Coax the orange berries on the Halloween garland through the green magnolia leaves.

Transport separate, but place pumpkin in the wreath upon arrival.


Fall Harvest CenterpieceOption #2:  Graveyard Scene for a Fun, Family Halloween Centerpiece.

Families who find Halloween lots of fun can usually handle a Dracula or two, just so he has happy eyes. Keep the ghosts friendly, too, and you’ll be the favorite guest invited.


(available at craft stores)

1 large, preferably tall, pumpkin

5 lbs black craft sand

Black floral spray

Halloween “picks”- often used as cupcake toppers or toothpicks for appetizers, these come in dancing skeletons, happy pumpkins and smiling bats.

6 tombstone cupcake toppers

Branches that can serve as trees

1 bag candy corn


  1. Turn tall pumpkin on side and carve a wide opening horizontally. Do not remove the stem. The stem will now be on one side of the pumpkin. Remove seeds and scrape clean.
  2. Treat pumpkin with Pumpkin Fresh™, a bleach solution or Vaseline on exposed, cut edges. See our blog post “How to Brighten Dark October with a Pretty Pumpkin Vase” to learn how to keep the pumpkin centerpiece fresh for as long as possible.
  3. Fill pumpkin cavity with black or brown sand.
  4. Find two or three branches small enough to look like spooky trees when included in a miniature scene. Paint them with the black floral spray.
  5. Arrange the Halloween “picks” of tombstones, skeletons, ghosts in a graveyard scene.
  6. Use the candy corn to create “rock” pathways through the graveyard.

Option #3:  Creeping Out the Centerpiece to the Max for Goth Friends.

Add a touch of evil to Halloween with this centerpiece. It all starts with a garish silver tray, the more tarnished the better. If you don’t have one in the garage, find a knock off at a home goods store. A mirror in an elaborate, silver frame can work as well. Definitely a centerpiece to stimulate conversation, feel free to add or subtract a macabre element or two to your liking.


1 Tall pumpkin

5 small gourds

10 small skulls

Fine, silver and black glitter

Black floral spray

3 black pillar candles of varying sizes

3 black small votary (tea light) candles

3 large, white carnations

3 stemmed drinking goblets

Small plastic spiders or centipedes

Tea light candle or battery-operated light for inside the pumpkin


  1. Spray paint pumpkin with black floral spray and let dry
  2. Spray paint small gourds with black floral spray
  3. Roll small gourds in silver glitter
  4. Once tall pumpkin is dry, remove top and insides
  5. Cut narrow strips from front of pumpkin to make prison bars
  6. Fill inside of pumpkin with small skulls (for a creepy cave scene)
  7. Sprinkle in some spiders
  8. Illuminate with battery operated tea light
  9. Arrange gourds around big pumpkin
  10. De-stem carnations
  11. Place flowers on mirror or silver tray
  12. Top with plastic spiders
  13. Cover with goblets
  14. Top goblets with black votary candles
  15. Arrange with pumpkin as focal point

When the Centerpiece Just Didn’t Get Done . . .

Out of time?  A stop by the florist on the way demonstrates your appreciation for the efforts of the party host. Consider these Halloween decoration floral options:

Orange Halloween Flower Bouquet

Orange Halloween flowers:

  • Lilies
  • Tulips
  • Carnations
  • Chrysanthemum plant

Black Halloween flowers & accents:

  • Thistles
  • Bat, spider and other plastic “pick” accents

Purple Halloween flowers:

  • Iris
  • Carnations
  • Lisianthus
  • Tulips


Perking Up the Halloween Party

Whatever option you choose, a Halloween centerpiece will be a welcome surprise. Gauging your decision based on the hostess’ idea of fun wins you additional points. Who knows? You may have started a whole new Halloween tradition!