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Fast Facts

  • Officially adopted as the Delaware State flower in 1875.
  • Fun Fact: Delaware was the original “Peach State,” because of its orchards; they contained more than 800,000 peach trees, yielding a crop worth thousands at the time!
  • Botanical name: Prunus Persica
  • Delaware Flower Delivery

The gorgeous Peach Blossom, which is considered to be a tree as well as a flower, became the official State flower of Delaware just over 100 years after Delaware accepted statehood. Similar to (but definitely not equal to!) the State of Alabama; Delaware, ironically almost replaced its State flower with the Goldenrod (which was the original State flower of Alabama, and is now known as an herb)! Were it not for the six million Peach trees in Delaware at the time, who knows what would have happened!

Way back then, all across the gorgeous shoreline of Delaware’s stunning coast, one could see these blooming beauties with fruit aplenty! Unfortunately, many problems beset peach farmers throughout the latter part of the 19th century. The peach disease called “the yellows” forced the untimely collapse of the booming agricultural industry and, in the early 1900s, many peach farmers faced bankruptcy. (The U.S. still emerges today as the leading peach grower in the whole world!)

Wilmington, Delaware and Dover included, the Peach Blossom is definitely … sparse! That’s right; there are very few Peach Blossoms seen nowadays in Delaware per acre of usable soil, whether you’re in the south central city of Seaford or up north in Newark. All across the region in fact, one can see many different types of coastal flora and fauna, but again, few Peach Blossoms!

Peach blossoms by Jean TostiPhoto by Jean Tosti

The peach tree bears an eponymous juicy fruit in early spring – before the leaves each year; Peach blossoms are thus produced, or re-produced, every spring. Most peach trees today are planted in commercial orchards, but some are still cultivated in gardens as ornamentals where climate allows.

Peach blossom blooms as a solitary or paired flower. The Peach blossom is 2.5 – 3 centimeters in diameter and has no more than five petals. Peach blossoms are light pink (almost peach), to light purple in color. The Peach blossom appears, of course, before the Peach leaves. Quite delicate, the pink Peach blossoms may be large and showy, but other times are quite small. Peach trees grow 15-25 feet high and the slender leaves on this tree have toothed edges. The regular Peach tree bears fruit at 3 to 4 years old and reaches its peak after about 12 years.

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