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Our Summer Rose Sale

Stop and smell the roses with our Annual Summer Rose Sale. With the best prices on the most amazing varieties of roses in the world, you can treat yourself and all of your loved ones with a bouquet. Roses are one of the most timeless, classic flowers in the world and are a perfect fit to send for any reason. You can find roses in just about every color of the rainbow, even tie-dye! Naturally occurring colors like pink, red, white, orange, and yellow are featured in many bouquets in our collection. You make other colors like tie-dye, blue, and more by dying a white rose with coloring. While specific shades have special meanings, any color is perfect for sending with our rose sale.

The Best Roses at the Best Prices

Our one-of-a-kind rose featured in our Summer Rose come fresh from our farms in South America. Grown under the sun and perfect weather conditions, the best roses in the world come directly from the source and are delivered right to the door. We work to ensure the flowers grown positively impact our workers and their lives, as well as focusing on the preservation of the environment. With a commitment to sending the freshest flowers in the world, our rose sale is the perfect time to send the best roses to you or your loved ones!