Summer Hydrangea Bulk Blooms


Summer Hydrangea Bulk Blooms

Known as a gardener's favorite, now you can bring 30 blue, white and green hydrangeas indoors to light up spaces with fun and full DIY bouquets throughout your home.

Please note: These farm–fresh flowers are sent directly from the fields. Upon arrival and before arranging, the blooms will require some care.


  • Once the box arrives, cut any zip ties and remove the plastic sleeves, paper or cardboard that hold the bunches together. Each of the stems comes with a water source attached with a rubber band. Simply cut the stems above the rubber band to remove them.
  • Fill your vase about two–thirds full with fresh, clean water and flower food if you have it on hand.
  • Remove any leaves that fall below the waterline and trim the flower stems to the height you want to design them. Be sure not to remove all of them, as the leaves help absorb water.
  • Place the flowers into the vase in a crisscross fashion and watch your design come to life.
  • If you notice your hydrangea blooms starting to soften or wilt, don't toss them just yet! Submerge the entire flower, blossom and all, in water and leave it there until it perks up.