Dried Fruit & Nut Rose Gift Tray

Dried Fruit & Nut Rose Gift Tray

A healthy smorgasboard of treats awaits with this incredible selection of dried fruits and snacks. Dried peaches, pears, plums and apricots perfectly compliment an array of protein rich snacks. Delicious and good for the soul!


  • Dried Fancy Peaches (5 oz.)
  • Dried Jumbo Pears (7 oz.)
  • Jumbo Almonds (3 oz.)
  • Jumbo Cashews (3 oz.)
  • Smoky Almonds (3 oz.)
  • Dried Fancy Apricots (5 oz.)
  • California Colossal Pistachios (3 oz.)
  • Dried Ruby Red Plums (3 oz.)
  • Wooden Tray

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