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Colorful Flower Delivery

When you send potted roses, you send a living gift that can last for years. Our potted roses come in all shapes and sizes, yet they have one thing in common: they deliver lasting smiles.

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Potted Roses

Potted Roses Delivered Throughout the US

ProFlowers' Potted Roses are just too cute! Our miniature roses, artistically arranged in stylish vases or creative pots, are the prettiest potted roses around. With a variety of pot and basket styles to choose from, our potted roses make a wonderful gift idea for every occasion. Whether you’re looking for a light and colorful expression of love or a lovely gift to simply brighten a loved one’s day, roses are the perfect choice. For something really spectacular, pair your flower gift with a box of rich and creamy truffles or chocolate dipped strawberries delivered.
  Send potted roses to all your rose loving friends and family. They will appreciate the beauty and color of this gift that keeps giving. All of our amazing rose and other potted plants come with helpful instructions to guide the recipient in the proper watering, sun exposure and overall maintenance of their new plant. These potted roses are grown to last. ProFlowers’ potted roses are fresh and arrive bright and beautifully, truly a notch above the rest. Send ProFlowers' Potted Roses they're sure to brighten up the home. For a really romantic gift option, send one of our unique assortments of 18 roses. Regardless of whether you choose a bouquet of roses, a gorgeous potted variety or something completely different, your recipient is sure to love any of our incredibly fresh flowers.