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Gardening Plants

Whether you're planning a few small flower boxes on the patio or a full backyard garden bursting with vegetation, ProFlowers has fresh gardening plants to help you welcome the warm weather. Potted plants and DIY gardening kits make it easy to start small (even indoors!), while many of our bulbs and flowering garden plants are perfect for stunning outdoor projects!

Are Garden Plants Easy to Grow?

There are many varieties of garden plants that are easy to grow and care for with just basic watering and the right placement in a sunny spot in your yard. Growing conditions like your area's climate and temperature may mean certain plants will be easier to cultivate than others, so a little planning can go a long way. For those who are starting a garden for the first time, we offer a variety of seedlings and starter plants that can be transplanted directly into your garden after they've been propagated by our experienced florists!

Looking for a vibrant, artistically minded flower arrangement for flower boxes or a small space on your patio? We offer beautiful Plantgem grow kits and cultivated garden arrangements, so all you have to do is replant your stunning flowers once they arrive!

What Are the Best Plants for First-Time Gardeners?

Some gardening plants are more forgiving than others, making them ideal options for those new to gardening. Succulents are some of the easiest low-maintenance plants to care for, and DIY succulent gardens and potting kits make great gifts for the first-time gardeners in your life. We also make it easy to have a variety of garden-ready plants delivered so you can concentrate on details like landscaping and arranging your outdoor green spaces.

Can I Grow Garden Plants in a Pot?

Many gardening plants can be started inside in a small pot during the colder months and then transferred to your garden once warmer weather arrives. Some potted plants are even able to survive both indoors and outside, making them a perfect way to bring the color and freshness of a garden into smaller spaces like an office or apartment. Our blueberry garden kit can even be grown indoors in special growing pots!

Find the Freshest Garden Plants Online Delivered in Time for Spring

ProFlowers makes it easy to plan your ideal home garden online, with everything from bulbs and growing kits to fully grown flowers and gardening plants ready to go right in the ground on arrival. We partner with local florists to have all of our garden plants delivered quickly and in the freshest condition, whether you order a small potted garden or a varied selection fit for a bursting backyard flower bed! We even offer same-day plant delivery on some options.