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Orchid Flowers

Send Orchids -  One of the most elegant flowers, the orchid is strikingly exotic and instantly takes any tabletop in the home from boring to chic. 

Orchid Flower Delivery

Orchid delivery has never been easier! With ProFlowers, you can send one of the most elegant flowers, the orchid, to a loved one and instantly take any tabletop in their home from boring to chic. Whether you’re looking to surprise your mom on Mother’s Day or spruce up your office, an exotic orchid will breathe life into any room it’s placed!  

Make Any Room Blossom When You Send Orchids

Classic, exotic and gorgeous; these words beautifully describe the unparalleled variety of exotic flowers and plants available for delivery from ProFlowers. Send orchids online with ProFlowers, delivering some of the classiest and most historic plants treasured from around the world. Choose from the glorious deluxe purple dendrobium orchid, flaunting petals in bright hues of purple and white, to a breathtaking double-stemmed kaleidoscope phalaenopsis orchid that will make any guest’s mouth drop. Want to surprise a loved one with something more than a bouquet? We offer potted plant delivery services for dozens of unique flowers that will stand the test of time. With the right tender, love, and care, our timeless flowers will bring beauty and grace for years to come.   Over 25,000 different orchid species exist across all 6 habitable continents (sorry Antarctica!). This leaves choosing the perfect orchid somewhat difficult. Well, we made that decision a little easier by cultivating the most beautiful selection of orchids for you to pick from. Our orchids online will bring a splash of color that will make you gasp and say “wow!” every time you walk by. Any variety of orchid flowers makes great gifts for birthdays, housewarming celebrations, Easter, and more!  

Orchids Will Not Only Liven Rooms, They Will Liven You!

Today, orchids are commonly sent as thoughtful gifts or purchased for home and office décor. However, history shows that the orchid flower is thought to be a very powerful plant. Dating back to the ancient Greeks, many cultures across the world believed that orchids have healing and disease-fighting properties. If you’re suffering from a cough or even lung disease, traditional Chinese medicine suggests a treatment of herbal remedies including orchids. The Greeks were even known to use orchids to fuel their power and strength (probably to fight the Romans)—and even as an aphrodisiac!   If you want to encapsulate the aura of the Victorian era, send flowers that are known to be proven treasures. The mystified beauty of orchids is not only irresistibly charming, they’re the perfect plant to keep you healthy. Decorating your rooms with plants improves air quality, reduces stress, and will help you sleep better at night. So… what’s the wait!  

Can I Get Same-Day Orchid Delivery?

Did you drop the ball on a special occasion and completely forgot to order a gift? Whether it’s for a retirement celebration or your grandma’s birthday, choose to send flowers same-day delivery for any occasion. You can get same-day orchid flower delivery by selecting a simple, yet stylish FTD White Orchid Planter. Or, you can pick from over a hundred unique flowers with same-day delivery. Mourning the loss of a vet who served our country? Our Remembrance Wreaths will preserve their memory and service in beauty. Or, send your long-distance partner a rose bouquet for your anniversary!    If you’re ready to send your same-day flowers, order before 2 PM Monday-Friday and 1 PM Saturday and Sunday in the respective time zone to ensure you roll up to the occasion with a gift at hand! Worried your orchid gift may be difficult to handle? The true beauty of these colorful plants is that with just a little bit of care, your loved ones will enjoy a bounty of blooms for many years to come. Each plant from ProFlowers comes with easy care instructions and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Send orchids online from ProFlowers and delight someone you love today.