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When is World Chocolate Day?

World Chocolate Day is July 7th, and in 2021 that falls on a Wednesday. What better way to celebrate this sweet holiday than by eating chocolate with your fellow chocoholics? This holiday is a great time to order up some Godiva Chocolates or maybe even some chocolate covered strawberries. As long as chocolate is involved with whatever you order, you will be celebrating properly.

Why do we celebrate Chocolate Day?

When the National Confectioners Association created World Chocolate Day, they wanted to ensure that everyone had a day to celebrate their love for the sweet treat. It is also a great time to educate yourself on the rich history and production of this delicious sweet.

What treats can I send someone to wish them a Happy World Chocolate Day?

Anything that involves chocolate is a great choice when it comes to celebrating this holiday. You can order a cookie basket full of chocolate chip cookies, or a box of traditional chocolates if you want to keep things classic and delicious.

Who should I send chocolate to on World Chocolate Day 2021?

Though you could send chocolate to all of your loved ones for World Chocolate Day in 2021, we suggest making a list of those loved ones that share your love for the sweet treat - or those that love it even more than you! When all else fails, order a few items for yourself and then invite your loved ones over to enjoy it with you. They will get a sweet celebration, and you get to keep the leftovers for yourself. Everyone wins!