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Mother's Day Tulips

A Mother's Day tulip bouquet is a great way to show mom how much you appreciate all she's done for you, even if you can't be there to say so in person this year. These vibrant and colorful seasonal flowers are perfect in bouquets by themselves, or pair them with an arrangement of Mother's Day carnations. At ProFlowers we make it easy to have our selection of online Mother's Day tulips delivered straight to your mom's door!

Can I Have Tulips Delivered on Mother's Day?

Traditionally tulips have been used to signify unconditional love, joy, and rebirth, making them a versatile option for uplifting, happy events and holidays when you want to show appreciation. While they weren't always associated with mothers or motherhood specifically, their elegant, graceful designs coupled with their arrival at the beginning of spring have made them popular Mother's Day flowers. Having Mother's Day tulips delivered can mean a number of things, from love and admiration for a spouse to a recognition of the nurturing and selfless quality of motherhood.

What Color Tulips Should You Give for Mother's Day?

Having any arrangement of brightly colored Mother's Day tulips delivered is sure to bring a smile to your loved one's face. However, different colored tulips do traditionally have different meanings. This means you can choose different colors or color combinations to send the right message to each of the important women in your life on Mother's Day!

  • Pink tulips are often thought to represent the joys of motherhood, making them perfect for a bouquet for a new or soon-to-be mother.
  • Red tulips are frequently used as a romance flower or alternative to roses. Give them to your wife or significant other to express love and passion. (A bouquet of both red and white flowers on Mother's Day can instead show respect, making red tulips a perfect flower for a mother or grandmother when paired with white lilies!)
  • Yellow tulips represent the joy and renewal of spring. These make for great Mother's Day centerpieces to mom from the whole family, or try adding a few yellow tulips to a multi-colored bouquet to give it a warm, sunny feel.
  • Purple tulips are often considered regal, representing royalty and admiration. This meaning combined with their stunning, deep violet hues make them well-suited for a variety of Mother's Day tulip bouquets. Try having a bouquet of purple tulips delivered as a Mother's Day gift for a mother-in-law, or incorporate a few to add a unique twist to a bouquet for a wife or significant other.

How to Care for Mother's Day Tulips

Fresh tulips don't require a lot of complicated care, and they can last a week or more after they're cut. When you get your flowers, be sure to first cut the stems to fit the height of whatever vase you plan to use. (Tip: Cutting the stems at a 45-degree angle helps them absorb water more efficiently.)

Once you've added them to the vase, make sure to change the water every 2 days to keep them fresh. You can even add a little plant food to the vase each time you freshen up the water.

Find Mother's Day Tulips Online With ProFlowers

Whether you're looking for the perfect way to brighten up your mom's day or you just want to add a colorful touch to a gift you've already chosen, Mother's Day tulips are sure to delight. Looking for something for your wife or mother to enjoy while her flowers brighten up the room? Try a spa gift basket or one of our delectable Mother's day food gifts, featuring rich chocolates, savory snacks, and cookies. We even offer many flowers and gifts with same-day delivery, just in time for your Mother's Day celebrations!