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Real Mini Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas tree, small Christmas tree! For a decorative holiday gift or a delightfully fun and festive home accent that’s sure to spread plenty of holiday cheer, check out our magical collection of miniature holiday trees and Christmas tree plant gifts. Planted, potted and set to wow, shop our seasonal line-up now, we’ve got holiday gifts galore.

Potted Mini Christmas Trees

There are a few things you can do during the holiday season to give your Christmas celebration the fanfare it deserves. Christmas cookies, Christmas stockings, Santa Claus and of course the Christmas tree! Trimmed with lights, decked out with ornaments and displayed in place of pride, no doubt the Christmas tree creates the heart of any holiday home. Of course, not everyone has the space for a large Christmas tree. ProFlowers is here to help. You’ll find a fresh and thoroughly festive collection of miniature Christmas trees, all ready to deliver a dose of holiday cheer. Small is beautiful, especially when it’s our amazing assortment of enchanting petite holiday trees—no space constraints can prevent you from enjoying a real mini Christmas tree.  

Decorated Mini Christmas Trees

If you’re looking for lighted Christmas trees, you’ve come to the right place. We’re proud to offer a variety of Christmas décor, from real mini Christmas trees to plants lit up with bright and luminescent LED lights. Choose from trees planted in a gingerbread house or a golden pot, or shop for trees decorated with sweet angel caricatures or Santa’s reindeer.   Alongside our wonderful mini Christmas trees, we also offer a deluxe selection of Christmas flowers and plant gifts too. Step into our holiday store and you’ll discover everything from fresh evergreen cypress trees, beautiful peace lilies, wonderful wreathes and colorful holiday floral arrangements of all shapes sizes and styles. From decorated mini Christmas trees to gorgeous table centerpieces, we’ve got everything you need to make this holiday season memorable.  

Send a Christmas Tree

Need some great gift inspiration? Take a peek at our best-selling seasonal gift favorites in our Christmas gift store and you’re sure to find a whole host of amazing gift options, no matter whether you want a large gift surprise or a fun, floral pick-me-up. Better yet, if you’re shopping last minute, we even feature an incredible assortment of fabulous Christmas gift baskets and mini Christmas trees that can be sent at just a day’s notice! Order a mini Christmas tree delivery and make your loved one smile with joy this December. Last minute holiday shopping was never so easy or so fabulously festive and fun. You can even add a special treat to your Christmas tree gift; what’s better than dipped strawberries and cheesecake bites for an added bit of holiday of cheer?  

Live Tabletop Christmas Trees and More

For a great Christmas tree gift that works just as well in July, take a look at our fabulous selection of miniature, potted bonsai trees. Beautifully groomed and wonderfully presented in a stunning ceramic pot, our line-up of bonsais make for delightful gifts. ProFlowers is committed to providing fresh flowers and arrangements year-round, whether you’re looking to send a Christmas tree, buy a real mini Christmas tree for your apartment, or use decorate mini Christmas trees as office Christmas décor.