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Perfect for Friendship Day or every day, remind your closest pals much you love them with a bouquet delivery. From flowers that are true symbols of friendship to their favorite blooms, pick a gift for your friends on this special day.

Find the perfect Friendship Flowers and Gifts

Some of the most important people in our lives turn out to be our closest friends. Where would we be without our friends? They share our good times, stand by us during bad times, and bring a smile to your face no matter what. Beyond everything else, friends hold an irreplaceable place in our hearts and sometimes, become members of our honorary family. With how special they are to us, it seems like some celebrations are in order! That’s where Friendship Day comes in. On the first Sunday in August, this day is reserved specifically to send some love to our closest friends.   If you’re looking for the best flowers for friends, look no further. ProFlowers has plenty of gorgeous blooms, bouquets, and gifts to say ‘thank you’ for always being there for you. This gift captures every message of love, appreciation, and happiness you want to send on this special day. While we all want to be with every single one of our friends on this day, for some of us our friendships stretch across many states and even oceans! If you can’t be there to celebrate in person, send a virtual hug in the form of a special floral delivery. Our flowers come delivered right to their doorstep, either designed by a local florist or sent fresh from one of our farms. Each gourmet gift is crafted from the finest artisans selects like chocolates and cookies to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Flowers that Symbolize Friendship

Some flowers are so special, they embody everything friendship means in the form of flowers. The color yellow is known as a common shade to symbolize friendship. Which is perfect, because there are plenty of flowers that come in the color! Specifically, sunflowers and roses are perfect yellow blooms to send flowers to friends. Their beauty is so versatile and special, perfect for capturing a one-of-a-kind friendship like yours.