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Send Carnation Flower Arrangements with ProFlowers

Sending colorful carnation flower arrangements from ProFlowers lets you share a little springtime joy any time of year. Did you know that carnations have been the official flower of Mother’s Day since 1914? Some floral historians believe that carnations are native to the Mediterranean basin, while others trace them back to the Far East. However they arrived, carnations have been cultivated (and loved) for many years. Here are our top three reasons for sending a beautiful carnation gift to someone you love. First, they come in a rainbow of colors, from soft pastel pink, yellow, peach and white to sultry red and passionate purple. Second, many varieties of carnations smell as good as they look, with a fragrance reminiscent of sweet cloves. And finally, carnations have plenty of staying power to delight your gift recipients longer than many cut flowers. Colorful, fragrant and long-lasting, what’s not to love about carnations? ProFlowers offers a huge selection of colorful carnation arrangements and bouquets for every gifting opportunity.   A gift of pink carnations says "I’ll always remember you" to someone special. They make great birthday, graduation or get-well gifts. Carnation boutonnieres, congratulations, housewarming and Mother's Day are also perfect occasions for sending a lovely carnation bouquet to express your affection for someone special. Order your thoughtful carnation gifts from ProFlowers. We choose only the freshest flowers and deliver them right to your home or office, often even the next day. You probably know that red roses are a symbol of deep passion and fiery love. That’s why red roses are a traditional gift for Valentine’s Day, romantic birthday celebrations, and wedding anniversaries. But did you know that fragrant red carnations are also a traditional symbol of love and romance? Light red carnations say to someone "I admire and care for you"? and dark red carnations symbolize deeper sentiments of romantic love and affection. Next time you want to express your true feelings, consider sending fresh, fragrant red carnations. And trust ProFlowers to deliver them quickly and easily, and for less.