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Administrative Assistants Day (Admin Day) Flowers

It’s Admin Professionals Week! This is your chance to thank anyone that helps you out at work. They’re the reason for workplace organization, so they make your office life much easier. Here’s your chance to thank them with flowers, a fresh plant or delicious treats for their desk. It’ll be an unexpected and much appreciated gift, so start shopping below!

Flowers for Employees

Administrative Professionals Day is your chance to show your gratitude and give back to the professionals who work hard all year long. Starting out as National Secretaries Week, Administrative Professionals Day has evolved to keep pace with the ever-changing careers of those involved in the administrative workforce.  This is the day that bosses around the world show their gratitude for their employees with flowers or gifts.  If you work with an administrative professional that goes above and beyond the call of duty, show them how much you appreciate them by sending Administrative Professionals Day flowers. A simple flower bouquet goes a long way with employees and keeps their spirits high at work.  

Gifts for Employees

ProFlowers also offers a wide arrangement of plant gifts which make a perfect office gift for your employee.  Send a lucky bamboo, peace lily, potted orchid, or a braided money tree as a long-lasting reminder of your gratitude. If you want to send an employee gift that won’t last long but will make an immediate impression, send some tasty gourmet treats that will be an instant office hit.  ProFlowers offers cakes, cookies, brownies, gift baskets and many other gourmet gifts that make excellent gifts for your employees on Administrative Professionals’ Day.