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Diwali Flower Bouquets Add Light and Warmth

Highlight the festive decor for your party with vibrant Diwali flower arrangements in a gorgeous array of flowers in hues of fiery orange, cheerful yellow, deep crimson, and fresh greens. The Warm Amber Bouquet, bursting with an impressive selection of yellow daisies, orange roses, and burnished snapdragons, would make the perfect table accent or centerpiece for any Diwali celebration. If you want to add Fall fragrance to the beauty of your floral decor, then you can’t go wrong with displaying the Apple Cider Bouquet on your Diwali table. Your guests will be impressed with the lush, red roses intermingled with striking carnations and the freshly scented eucalyptus. Shop ProFlowers’ online selection of Diwali flowers bursting with all the warm colors and fresh scents of Fall, and we’ll have them delivered in time to enhance your holiday gathering. Diwali is November 14, 2020, so order now and be sure to have your Diwali flower displays delivered in time for the celebration to begin.

Diwali Gifts to Celebrate the New Year

No Diwali celebration is complete without tables laden with delicious snacks and treats to make the gathering memorable. Since Diwali is all about eating, celebrating, and exchanging gifts with family and friends, ProFlowers has a huge selection of tasty Diwali gift baskets to please everyone on your list. Send a fresh and healthy fruit gift basket filled with seasonal fruits such as crisp apples, sweet pears, and juicy oranges. The foodies in your life will definitely be excited to receive a charcuterie gift basket filled with a tasty assortment of meats, cheeses, nuts, crackers and gourmet spreads. Have it delivered as a gift or add it to your appetizer table. And let’s not forget the highlight of any celebration: the sweets. Choose from decadent gift baskets that include towers of chocolate candies, chocolate covered strawberries, cake pops, Mrs. Field’s cookies and brownies and so much more. Whether you want to send friends and family members a delectable Diwali gift basket, or you want one delivered to enhance your Diwali table spread, ProFlowers has a scrumptious selection of both sweet and savory gift baskets that will entice everyone’s palate.