The world of chocolate is very broad. It is a category of food that houses a variety of sweets and eats, made with this most popular flavor. These sweets can include anything from dark chocolate bars, to chocolate chip cookies, to hot cocoa, and even truffles. So what is the difference between truffles and chocolates if they are technically categorized together? The answer is simple. Truffles are a type of chocolate, but chocolate is merely a flavor of truffle.


What are Chocolate Truffles?

Chocolate truffles are a dessert delicacy that began in Europe. They are mainly made of ganache (a chocolate based cream) and some type of coating. This coating can be in the form of cocoa powder, solid chocolate that is dark, milk or white, or some sort of confection. They are rolled into imperfect ball shapes and are often given as gifts for special occasions.

The best gourmet chocolate truffles are the ones with a savory assortment of fillings. Classic chocolate truffle fillings include chocolate ganache, liqueur, different flavors of cream, nougats, and caramel. Modern fillings may be fruit, fudge, marshmallow, or chocolate chips.

What is Chocolate?

Chocolate is a food that is made from the bean of a cacao tree. This bean is harvested and turned into a creamy, dark brown substance that is then used for all types of cooking and baking. In Mexico, chocolate is cooked with other ingredients and spices to create a sauce, usually served over chicken. In Italy, it is not uncommon to find chocolate served with pasta dishes. It is also used to make candy bars, cakes, brownies, cookies and other favorite sweet treats.

Even though chocolate and truffles have their differences, they are both equally enjoyed by chocolate lovers around the world. And with so many different ways to eat chocolate, it may be hard to decide the best way to consume it. Order an assortment of Rocky Mountain chocolate truffles or Godiva chocolates for a variety of flavors and tastes you can’t get anywhere else. Or a basket full of various Mrs. Fields chocolate cookies may be exactly what will satisfy your taste buds. Either way, you can’t go wrong.