Gentleman callers should tread carefully when selecting Valentine’s gifts, as some presents, while potentially useful, do not send the right message of love to the recipient. If you’re on the hunt for a present that perfectly conveys your undying love, we’ve put together a guide to help you avoid choosing a gift that lands you on the anti-Valentine list.

Costume Lingerie

While frilly and feminine undergarments or teddies can prove romantic presents, costume lingerie–such as a “naughty nurse” or “hottie firefighter” outift–does not. These costume pieces are impractical and, as such, will likely not be worn after Valentine’s night–if you are even lucky enough to see the recipient don the garment on Feb. 14th. Also, the lingerie may unintentionally send the message that all you care about is sex, not your Valentine herself.

Wilted Flowers

Although some men feel that they can never go wrong with flowers, giving anything but the freshest of bouquets to your lover is a major Valentine’s Day faux paus. The flowers you bestow upon your lady friend on this special day should be fresh, new and as beautiful as the love you feel for her. If you give her blooms that are a bit beyond their prime, you show her that you were seeking a good deal or didn’t take time to inspect the floral gift. Instead of stopping at a gas station or grocery store to pick up flowers, order them from a delivery service such as ProFlowers, ensuring that your stems are perfectly pert.

Cleaning Tools

Regardless of how much you may believe that your partner loves to clean, buying her a cleaning tool of any type for Valentine’s Day is unwise. Although she may really be able to use a new vacuum, or get the oven spotless more quickly with some oven cleaner, these gifts are far from romantic and will likely tell your girl that she is more your maid than your lover.

Diet Program

Even if your lady is obsessed with her weight and is constantly trying to shed a few pounds, supplying her with a diet program for Valentine’s Day is a potential relationship-killing move. A gift like this clearly communicates that you think she needs to diet–showing her that you don’t love her body the way it is, and likely leading you to spend your Valentine’s night alone in a cold bed.

Car Parts

Although a new set of spark plugs or some hubcaps may seem a practical present, they are hardly romantic and will likely not strike the fancy of your special someone. Stick with romantic presents, like boxes of chocolate, on Valentine’s Day, as they send the message of love much more effectively than a case of motor oil.