Pairing wine and chocolate can be a contentious point for wine connoisseurs. The rich, bold tastes of both make marrying them difficult. In order to make sure you can highlight accents of the wine as well as the chocolate, check out the shareable guide below. We also researched a few basic rules that will help simplify the complicated business of pairing tannins with tastes.

Chocolate has an array of strong flavors including sweet, bitter, fruity and even acidic. These tastes do not pair well with standard dry table wine. Regardless of how lovely a bottle of wine it is, after a bite of a rich chocolate bar it won’t have any flavor. Try a sweet dessert wine instead! The comparable richness will enhance the taste of both.

Basic wine and chocolate pairing rules:

  1. The wine should be as sweet as the chocolate.
  2. Begin pairing by color. The darker the chocolate, the darker the wine.
  3. When possible, opt for a high-quality chocolate bar.
  4. Consider texture as well as taste.



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Now that you are a wine connoisseur, why not try pairing your favorite wine with the chocolate of your choosing? If you need some help, check out our perfectly paired collection. You bring the wine, let us handle the table decor and dessert.


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