turkey centerpiece

Coming up with a design scheme for your home can be a daunting task – you’ve got color palettes to decide on and furniture arrangements to consider. It’s understandable if you feel a little overwhelmed at the prospect, but creating a solid interior design doesn’t have to be so difficult.

Let flowers do the heavy lifting for you. They’re easy to come by and instantly brighten up a space, serving a dual purpose by introducing color and supplying a natural look. You don’t have to deck out your home in floral arrangements to achieve this, either. A nice centerpiece resting tastefully on your unused counter space, coffee table or dining table could be all you need. Here are a few ideas that can help you optimize your décor.

Now that fall is here, you should think about using appropriate blooms. You can find special ceramic vases shaped like pumpkins and fill them with your favorite flowers. A couple of good options for this container are sunflowers and solidasters. Both are primarily yellow, which naturally complements the orange of the vase. Arrange the blooms so that they look like they’re “overflowing” and you’re all done. This would work especially well as a centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner (which it’s never too early to start planning for). After all, Thanksgiving centerpieces can really give off that traditional vibe you’re looking for.

Millennial Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

You may be interested in something more traditional, in which case there are a number of options available. Finding potted arrangements of autumnal flowers and orange roses is fairly easy to do, and most of them come in simple wicker baskets. It’s a more modest bouquet, to be sure, but you don’t want the flowers to overpower your home’s décor. These work well as accent pieces – consider placing one by a window with an especially nice view or on top of your mantel.

If the fall season means the beginning of a wave of house guests, a table runner may be right up your alley. These long arrangements are designed to sit in the middle of your dining table, and they’re frequently preserved to ensure that they last a while. If your household frequently entertains guests, table runners will prevent you from having to run out and buy a new arrangement every time a special occasion is coming up. If well-maintained, they’ll last far through the season.

Millennial Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas

What are your secrets for giving your home a dash of color?