Much to the delight of many men, women often seem endlessly pleased by floral gifts. To many women, there is little better than receiving a carefully-selected bouquet of blooms. Perhaps afraid to look too deeply into the seemingly-mysterious minds of women, many men never question why women so desire flowers as gifts. While the specific reason for loving floral presents may vary from woman to woman, there are some universal reasons way ladies find these once-living gifts so pleasing.


While nothing can quite parallel the delicate beauty of a female, flowers come close, making them a popular gift for girls. All flowers can be representative of feminine beauty, but particularly delicate blooms, such as orchids and lilies are especially popular for reflecting the fragile beauty often associated with female recipients.

Romantic Nature

Flowers are an inherently romantic gift. Their beautiful fragrance and association with weddings and rebirth make them the ideal gift for showing the object of your affection just how amorous you feel. For an optimally romantic gift, buy your girl a bouquet of her favorite blooms, showing not only that you know her preferences, but also that you want to delight her. For a no-fail romantic floral option, nothing quite embodies romantic affection as effectively as the deep-hued red rose.


Many flowers have symbolic meanings that make them more than just an everyday, average gift. Select a flower with a specialized meaning for your gift recipient. If she is unaware of the meaning associated with the blooms, inform her of it, telling her why you selected the flower specifically for her. For example, pink flowers express gratitude, and lilacs symbolize first love.


The receiving of flowers has long been a sign that the woman in question is loved. When a lucky lady gets a bouquet of beautiful blooms delivered to her at the workplace, she commonly becomes the envy of others in her office. To ensure that your female flower recipient has the chance to bask in the glory of receiving her floral gift, send it to her workplace, brightening her day and giving her something with which to decorate her desk.