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Regardless of how carefully you tread, nearly everyone makes a mistake at some point in time. If you have something for which to say you are sorry, consider doing so with a floral gift. Instead of allowing the crevice you created in your relationship to continue to spread, select and send a gift of flowers as a way to show the recipient that you value your relationship and are eager to acknowledge, and make up for, your mistake.

Lily of the Valley

When you and a friend experience discord, you will likely both experience periods of unhappiness. Select a floral gift that represents the rejuvenation of your bond by selecting Lily of the Valley, which symbolizes a return to happiness. This delicate plant is fragile and must be handled with care, just like the relationship in which you and the recipient are engaged.

lily of the valley


Show your gift recipient that, although you may have made a mistake, you are dependable and committed to fidelity. Give a floral gift that features ivy. Buy an ivy bush alone, or select something that mixes this element with other flowers, such as the Peaceful White Garden from ProFlowers which features ivy prominently along with a peace lily and a Kalanchoe plant. This choice is particularly appropriate if you plan to send this floral gift to a man or a women who doesn’t care for frou-frou floral displays; it is more clean, classic and earthy than other flower gift options.

Star of Bethlehem

Convey your desire to reconcile by giving your recipient an uncommon Star of Bethlehem flower. This pure white flower stands for reconciliation, making it the ideal way to say “I’m sorry.” Its pure white hue also makes it reflective of a return to innocence, representing your desire to earn a redo and have a chance to right your wrong.


Yellow Rose

The yellow rose is reflective of friendship and innocence, making it an appropriate flower to send when trying to apologize for a misstep. Buy a yellow-roses-only bouquet, or select a mixed assortment featuring these flowers, such as the Deluxe Sunshiny Day bouquet from ProFlowers, which features not just yellow roses but also orange roses, Anastasia and Peruvian lilies — a collection sure to brighten anyone’s day. This flower, or an assortment featuring it, is the perfect one to select if you and the person whose graces you are trying to make your way back into what was once a valued friendship.