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Even if you don’t have a yard or room to grow flowers outside, you still can enjoy fresh flowers and the satisfaction of growing them yourself by starting a container garden on a porch or deck. Place pots around your yard or anywhere they can get full sunlight. A wide range of flowers grows tall and beautiful in pots. Plant breeders have developed a number of flowers that grow well in compact spaces and make beautiful container gardens.


Tulips are bulb plants that do well in pots. You can start with a fully-grown potted tulip from a high-quality florist such as ProFlowers, or plant the bare bulb and nurture the plant to maturity. Bulbs should be planted in containers at the same time of year you would plant them in the ground. Potted bulb plants do best when planted in the fall, giving them time to weather a cold season. Other fall bulb plants that grow well in pots include irises, daffodils and crocus.

Water Gardens

You don’t need to build a pond in your yard to enjoy flowers grown in water gardens. You can grow the same plants that you would in a pond — such as calla lilies, yellow flag irises, sweet flag and water mint — in a container. The pot only needs to be 12 to 16 inches deep and can be made of ceramic or wood lined with plastic. Plastic pots are easiest. Pots should be kept where they’ll receive about six hours of sunlight. Top off the water as it evaporates, and feed the plants with a fertilizer that comes in tablet form.


Geraniums are one of the most common flowers you see in containers and pots. They are commonly placed in window boxes and in pots on steps and porch railings. Geraniums are an annual flower that live only one season. Like other annuals, geraniums need regular fertilizer to supplement their potting soil because they don’t leach nutrients from the ground. Other annuals that grow well in pots and colorful containers include impatiens, pansies, petunias, dwarf zinnias and begonias.

Plants You Can Eat

According to the University of Minnesota, as more people enjoy growing herb gardens and cooking with the fresh ingredients, flowers are becoming more popular. While the leaves of chamomile flowers typically are used to brew tea, the flowers have an apple flavor that adds interest to salads or pork dishes. Flowers should be gently washed before eating. Grow the flowers organically to make sure you don’t ingest harmful pesticides. Other flowers you can eat that grow well in pots include hollyhocks, lavender, viola pansies, nasturtium and the rosa species of roses.