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As you can likely tell simply by looking out your window during warm and sunny July, this month is a nearly ideal one for growing flowers. Because the hot temperatures and bold sun of this month are so conducive to flower growth, finding an in-season flower gift is even easier. When looking for a way to delight the one you care about during July, try one of the floral options that are particularly prevalent during the month.

Astonishing Alstromeria

Alstromerias, or Peruvian lilies, are exotic and elegant flowers that are often quite affordable in season. Each stem of alstromeria commonly contains several blooms, making them a full flower that produces a pleasing bouquet. Select alstromeria in just one color, or for an even more summery look, try the 100 Blooms of Peruvian Lilies bouquet from ProFlowers, which features alstromeria in colors ranging from pale pink to deep red.

Interesting Irises

Irises feature an uncommon petal design that makes them a distinctive option. This bulb flower first comes into season as spring’s warmth gives way to summer’s heat and remains in season during this hot time period, making July a wonderful time to send an iris gift. While you can procure potted versions of this plant, the long stems make them an ideal cut flower. The iris is commonly associated with admiration, making it an appropriate flower for anyone you hold in high esteem.

Outstanding Orchids

When seeking a present for an elegant individual, or looking for something that has a sense of regalness, consider the orchid. While some varieties of this flower are in season nearly 12 months a year, July is the optimal time for orchids since almost all the varieties are in season during this warm month. Purchase a cut orchid bouquet for your gift recipient, or select something more long-lasting by buying her a potted version of this plant, such as the Potted Double Stem White Orchid from ProFlowers, which features two white orchid stems. One benefit of this plant is its long bloom life; blooms can last eight to 12 weeks, allowing your recipient to enjoy her gift for several months after receipt.

Beautiful Gerbera

Gerbera flowers are members of the daisy family and most commonly noted for their sizable flower heads and bold hues. Flourishing in the summer months, including July, these flowers are a bright and summery way to express your admiration. Select a potted version of this plant when seeking a gift that will last throughout the summer or a cut collection of Gerbera blooms if looking for a short-lived yet showy present.