White hyacinthus

When most people think of February, they picture blankets of fresh-fallen snow, mitten-clad children sledding down hills, and families sharing warm cups of cocoa after coming in from the cold — not delicate flower blooms. While certainly not as flower-filled as some warmer-weather months, there are still some flowers that come into, or remain in, season during February. To ensure that the blooms you select for your floral gift recipient are optimally attractive, seek one of these in-season options.

Hyacinth Blooms

While many associate these stalky flowers with spring, in some warmer climates, and in greenhouses, these blooms start to appear during frigid February. If seeking a floral present for the spring-lover in your life, hyacinths are ideal since they represent the approach of warmer weather and the thaw that accompanies it. Send your recipient a hyacinth plant during this potentially dreary month as an uncommon Valentine’s present, or delight her with a collection of flowers that contains hyacinth among the offerings, such as the Trio of Bulbs available from ProFlowers.

Robust Anemones

Hearty yet soft anemones are an option for those seeking a floral gift that is different from the rest. These flowers, which first appear in very early spring and can be found while snow is still on the ground, may begin to appear during February, particularly in colder climates. These flowers are available in an array of hues, allowing you select the color you feel your gift recipient will prefer. For a floral gift that makes reference to the February snow cover, consider buying some white anemone blooms that mimic the pure, snow-blanketed ground.

Elegant Orchids

Unlike many flowers, orchids can bloom indefinitely, paying little heed to the seasons. Buy your February birthday celebrant or Valentine a soft and exotic orchid as a way to signify how important she is. Select a single orchid bloom, like the Leopard Orchid available from ProFlowers, which features an orchid with a mix of pure white and bold maroon hues. If seeking a cut flower gift, select a bouquet of orchids with which to delight your winter gift recipient.

Glossy Waxflower

Glossy and petite wax flowers commonly begin to poke through the ground during February. These small blooms feature five equal-size petals and come in a variety of hues. Most commonly seen clustered together in a close fitting bouquet, these flowers make for the ideal end of winter, beginning of spring gift.