The heat of August makes it a month conducive to growing flowers. If seeking in-season blooms during this month, you will likely find your quest easy to fulfill. When planning for your August gift-giving occasions, consider selecting some of the flowers that will be at their most beautiful during this time period to ensure that your floral gift is a stunning one.

Elegant Calla Lilies

Many appreciate the inherent elegance of these uncommon flowers. While a member of the lily family, they differ greatly from others of the same type since they feature only one petal that is wrapped in a coil form around a dominant central pistil. Popular as a wedding flower due to its formal and romantic look, this flower can also be found in potted plant or cut arrangement options, allowing you to select the perfect form for your gift recipient. This flower comes on a rainbow of hues ranging from the classic white to deep, dark hues such as crimson. If seeking a bright and bold version of this flower, try the Potted Pink Calla Lily from ProFlowers, which features a brilliant pink calla lily plant.

Classic Rose

While florists make roses available 12 months a year, they are often at their most brilliant during their natural growing months, including end-of-summer August. Select a red rose arrangement for the object of your affection since this color is commonly associated with amorous love or a collection of yellow roses for your closest friend, a color representative of friendship.

Captivating Carnations

Carnations are popular due to their relative affordability and long life. These flowers are commonly used in mixed bouquets but can stand alone as they do in the Two Dozen Springtime Carnations bouquet from ProFlowers. Available in an assortment of colors with varying meanings, this flower is a simple and appropriate option for nearly any gift-giving occasion.

Picturesque Poppies

Poppies are a bold-hued flower perfect for those looking for something that differs from the norm. Because these flowers are more delicate than some, they are often unavailable during the cold-weather months or, if they are, will be almost prohibitively expensive. Send the flower-recipient on your list a bouquet of cut poppies or a potted version of this plant to brighten her day or remind her of the warmth and natural beauty of summer.